14 Incredible ideas to make up your lips on Halloween


Makeup can go much further than daily use: if you are an artistic person, like the Italian Eva Senín Pernas, you can create real works of art on your face.

For this collection, the photographer and make-up artist created spooky but elegant make-up at the same time, to use on her lips during Halloween.

Today Eva is world famous thanks to her original work, in particular her line of Lip Arts that she exhibits on her page Eva Senín Pernas.

1. Spider Man

Eva Senín came up with the art on her lips when she saw the movie Grease (Vaseline). She says that at the time she saw the final scene with the red and silver car she decided that she wanted her lips to shine with the spokes of the car.

2. Wolf

I loved makeup since I was a teenager. My mother contributed to this, she was the first to give me a book called Making faces, by Kevin Aucoin. From that moment I wanted to do all the makeup that appeared in the book.

3. The joker

Eva's makeup started as a personal project, but now she has become a make-up artist and has won contracts for book covers, events, advertising campaigns, among others.

4. Dandelion

I always protect the lips, so they do not dry out, then, with tiny makeup brushes and wet pigments, I apply the colors on the lips. I use gel eyeliner to draw the lines in the designs, explains Senin.

5. Cats, bats and ghosts

6. Monster eats cookies

Lip makeup takes the artist 10 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of the design, however, full facial makeup takes 30 to 45 minutes.

7. Lips of X-rays

In addition to promoting her designs, Eva Senín Pernas offers her makeup and event photography services.

8. Witch

9. Pumpkin

10. Black cat

11. Spider

12. Crime scene

Eva Senín Pernas has been inspired by many other movies and characters to carry out these amazing designs.

13. The Hunger Games

14. Harry Potter The relics of death

15. Batman

16. Full makeup for Halloween