14 Hairstyles that go perfect with knit caps


With the winter on our heels, the time has come to prepare and dust our clothes for the cold: jackets, scarves, gloves, and hats to keep us warm! But this last garment can be a headache for some women who do not want to ruin their hairstyle.

The good news is that style and comfort are not fought and there are ways for your hair and your winter clothes to get along. You have to try these 14 simple hairstyles that will save your look wintry!

1. Loose hair is a classic

2. But if you despair of having it in your face, take it to one side

3. A romantic touch with a braid in front

4. Presume soft waves

5. Do not think a hat will ruin your ironing

6. If you want to make a chongo there are hats with holes up

7. A great hairstyle for Chinese hair girls

8. They also see their hair loose and rebellious

9. If you do not feel like combing your hair

10. Make yourself some cute chonguitos

11. Half pigtails and half braids

12. A disheveled braid will give you a casual look

13. While one on each side will make you look tender

14. Let the hats complement your appearance!