14 Hair shades that are ideal for brunette girls; you will love to use them


Are you a brunette and have you made the decision to dye your hair, but do you think you can only decide between burgundy and black tones? You are mistaken. Many girls believe that there are fashions or styles that they can not use, and the time has come to break with those limiting beliefs.

Give yourself the opportunity to change completely, fill your face with luminosity, enhance your features and make your love crush with any of these 14 options in dyes designed just for you.

1. Chocolate Malva

This tone is here to stay and it looks beautiful on the brunette girls.

2. Honey

It looks very beautiful with an addition of blond highlights.

3. Caramel

This color will make you the most coveted girl of the year.

4. Balayage

It consists of degrading the hair color with a lighter shade. Unlike California wicks, it gives a more subtle and natural look.

5. Dark Cava

A cross between the blond, brown and champagne dark so your skin will shine like gold.

6. Brown ash light

With this there is no need to worry about the reddish effects of the tongs.

7. Chocolate

Enhance your eyes and add a touch of shine to your skin.

8. Golden

Add dimension and shine to your hair.

9. Copper

Get a hypnotic look and a golden reflection on your skin.

10. Burgundy

Sensuality and mystery at all times.

11. Ash chestnut clear

This tone will give a softer look to your skin.

12. Black

It makes your features look finer. Provides a porcelain effect and a sophisticated appearance.

13. Violet

Dare to challenge the standards and fill yourself with energy.

14. Tiger eye

It is the most current trend and imitates brown and gold tones to bring more light to your face.

Choosing The Right Hair Color For Your Skin Tone (January 2021)