14 Data that every Muggle must know before seeing Fantastic Animals: Grindelwald's crimes


The magical universe of Harry Potter has returned to theaters with Fantastic animals: The crimes of Grindelwald, the second installment of the adventures of magizo Newt Scamander, who this time faces a more evil enemy than Lord Voldemort himself.

Being a sequel, the film takes many elements of the first installment, as well as characters and data that all potterhead easily recognize. But for the more clueless, here are a few details that are worth remembering before diving back into magic and mysticism.

1. The movie happens shortly after the first

In 1927, to be exact.

2. Most of the story takes place in Europe

And it shows what the magical world is like in France.

3. The story revolves around Grindelwald

One of the most dangerous magicians in history who, in the previous film, appeared briefly while being captured; Well, no. Actually he was the main villain, but we found out until the end.

4. If you do not remember, you've already seen a lot of this character

Grindelwald also appeared in The relics of death, part 1, since he was the only one who knew the whereabouts of Elder's wand.

5. There are many references to the saga of Harry Potter

The tape is full of moments that will provoke extreme sighs if you are a fan of the magical world.

6. We will see the young version of ¡Dumbledore!

Jude Law is responsible for playing this character. In addition, in this film Dumbledore still is not director but the master of defense against the dark arts.

7. We will learn more about Nagini

Nagini was not always a snake and we can see that in this new film. Maybe we can figure out how he turned Voldemort's right hand.

8. And about the families of the magic world

Get ready to discover the secrets of the Lestrange families, Dumbledore and yes, the Scamander.

9. Our favorite fantastic animals are also back

And we love them, because now they are a fundamental part of the plot and allies of Newt.

10. There are also many new creatures

Including Chupacabras Yes you have read well, the Chupacabras, but in a version so tender that nobody can fear him.

11. Tina is back in Macusa

Tina Goldstein is one of the secondary characters of the first installment. He is an Auror of the first order who works for MACUSA, the American version of the Ministry of Magic. In the first film, Tina is expelled from the magical security corps for assaulting a muggle, but is readmitted when she helps capture Grindelwald.

12. Credence is, supposedly, dead

The character played by Ezra Miller is a young magician who belongs to the group of the Obscurial, people with an immense latent power that manifests itself in the form of a parasite. Credence has controlled that dark power throughout his life, but when released in Fantastic animals He ends up killing several people, which leads him to be stopped by Newt and Tina. Apparently he died at the end of the first movie, but in The crimes of Grindelwald appears with the circus company, trying to find his parents.

13. The impossible love of Newt

Newt Scamander has a hidden past that will be revealed in The crimes of Grindelwald. The magizoólogo was expelled from Hogwarts after an accident related to Leta Lestrange, of which he continues lost in love. However, Leta is engaged to Newt's brother, Theseus, a hero of the First World War.

14. Get ready for several years of magical battles

The next film of the saga has been confirmed to be released in 2020. The best thing is that not only will there be a third installment. Actually the production has confirmed five tapes, so we wait many more years in the magical world.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite | Coming 2019 (March 2021)