14 Data of Up: an adventure of height to celebrate 10 years since its premiere


It's been 10 years since it premiered Up: A tall adventure, one of the most emotional films that Disney-Pixar gave us. In it we met Carl Fredricksen, a 78-year-old widower who ties thousands of balloons to his home to fulfill his dream of traveling to Paradise Falls and keep the home he built with his late wife.

Are you a true fan of this movie? How much do you know about the great production? With these 14 curious facts we celebrate the tenth anniversary of Up, who came to thrill us to tears.

1. Based on a true story

Up it is a critical message against the urbanization of cities that are losing their personality and charm to yield to large buildings. Edith Macfield refused to sell her small house despite the fact that, around her, they were building commercial premises; he rejected offers of up to one million dollars and fought until his death in 2008 to preserve his home.

2. How many balloons did the house have?

To raise Carl's house through the skies and reach Paradise Falls, 20,622 balloons with helium were needed, but there are those who say that the film fell short because, taking into account the dimensions and materials of the construction, it would be necessary 12 million 658 thousand 392 balloons.

3. The real Ellie

The daughter of director Pete Docter is not only called Ellie, she also lent her voice to the role of the character as a child. Even some drawings of Book of adventures They are the work of the little one.

4. He stole his brother's paper

Jordan Nagai, then nine years old, accompanied his older brother to the auditions to give voice to Russell in his original language, without imagining that he would take the role. Almost 400 children attended casting, but Jordan, who did not intend to audition, did not stop talking and his voice captivated the director.

5. A vacation at Paradise Falls

If you want to travel and rest in the tranquil Falls of Paradise, you have to go to the state of Bolivar in Venezuela, because Carl's destiny is inspired by Angel Falls and Mount Roraima.

6. The story behind Charles Muntz

The villain owes his name to Charles Mintz, a Universal Pictures executive who in 1928 stole Walt Disney's production rights Oswald the lucky rabbit. This led Walt to create Mickey Mouse that became more popular.

7. A unique race

When we saw the movie, many of us thought that Dug He was a golden retriever, but his designers revealed that it is a cross of this breed with farmer.

8. Voice dubbing and a little exercise

Little Nagai was chosen to play Russell for his charisma and natural voice, but recording his dialogues required great physical effort. To make the voice more natural, the child ran from one side of the study to the other so that when he spoke he would be exhausted.

9. Carl and Ellie's home does exist

In Utah, the builder Blair Bangerter built a replica of the house and is valued at $ 400,000.

10. Kevin's design

To create the bird, the producers brought real ostrichs to the animation studio to inspire the artists so they could create more realistic figures and movements.

11. Charles Muntz and his alternative final

The death of the villain was much discussed by the creators and, even, two alternative endings were planned for the character. The first one was inspired by the movie The glow, in which Muntz was lost forever in a labyrinth after pursuing a balloon thinking it was Kevin, but it was ruled out because it would have meant giving it much prominence. The other ending meant that Muntz was locked in Carl's house while it was falling, but they did not want the death of the villain to be linked with Ellie.

12. The references of Toy Story

It's no secret that every animated Disney-Pixar movie makes allusions to other of its productions. Besides that in toy Story 3 we can see a postcard of Carl and Ellie, in Up the Pizza Planet truck and the Lotso bear are observed on several occasions.

13. Cartoonists could not stop crying

The spectators were not the only ones who wept over the seas with Ellie's death. Some members of the production team also cried when they saw the storyboard

14. The first animated film in Cannes

Inaugurated the Cannes Film Festival in 2009 and became the first animated film and in 3D in doing it. At the end of the screening, the audience remained silent until Tilda Swinton stood up and applauded, unleashing a great ovation.

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