14 Celebrities who have recycled the best outfits in history


Fashion is always in constant change, some designers say that this is due to a recycling phenomenon where every ten years, more or less, some trend is reinvented and a new one but do not original, it takes its place.

To test his theory we have compiled 14 styles that the famous ones have used and maybe they have no idea that another celebrity showed it in public long before them.

1. Cher, Jennifer Lopez

Both know how to carry it like goddesses.

2. Tina Turner, Rihanna

Only these queens look good this look.

3. Princess Diana, Princess Kate

Their outfits They are worthy of royalty.

4. Nataly Wood, Taylor Swift

We all love this classic.

5. Madonna, Zoe Saldaña

Both know how to take advantage of their features and body.

6. Francoise Hardy, Katy Perry

Although the replica is beautiful, Francoise's style is enviable.

7. Madonna, Miley Cyrus

Is there anyone who looks better than them?

8. Susan Sarandon, Kate Hudson

Glamor in all its glory.

9. Liza Minelli, Rihanna

Dignas lovers of fashion.

10. Grace Kelly, Diane Kruger

Impossible to resist that dress.

11. Naomi Campbell, Gwen Stefani

Both know how to make the most of the colors.

12. Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Hyland

Romanticism, elegance and naturalness.

13. Diana Ross, Beyoncé

Elegance in a single image.

14. Tina Turner, Beyoncé

Total sensuality

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