13 Women who show that men's work does NOT exist


Times have changed and nothing is exclusive of men or women, now we have the same opportunities and there are girls who show it when they work. Chris Crisman is a Californian photographer who has not wanted to lose detail of female strength and dexterity, so he created the collection Womens Work (women's work), where he portrayed women who work for men, breaking the gender stereotypes that society has imposed.

The project arose when Chris heard that one of his friends was a butcher; He noticed that he had never met a girl with this kind of job, so he decided to take some pictures while she worked. His project went further and shows that there is no weaker sex.

1. Christina Burris, brewer and owner of the brewery St. Benjamin in Philadelphia

2. Heather Marold, butcher and meat supplier in Philadelphia

3. Alison Goldblum, real estate agent in Philadelphia

4. We forged our destiny, herrera

5. Nancy Poli, farm worker in Pennsylvania

6. Mindy Gabriel, bombera in Ohio

7. Watch Nakashima, designer and carpenter in Pennsylvania

8. Sadie Samuels, fisherwoman in Maine

9. Beth Beverly, taxidermist in Philadelphia

10. Leeann Johnson, truck driver in Nevada

11. Jordan Ainsworth, crusher operator in gold mine, Nevada

12. Kris Alvarez, lead mine geologist in Nevada

13. Carol Warn, mine operator in Nevada

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