13 Villains of series that we love and hate at the same time


In television series, as in any story, you need a balance between the heroic protagonists and an evil counterpart. However, sometimes it happens that those misbehaved They show a facet so human that, although we try to hate them, their uniqueness, intelligence and fun make us love seeing them on screen.

We leave you some of the cruelest and darkest villains, but we certainly can not stop loving them.

1. Cersei Lannister

No doubt who should not be missing from the list is Cersei, the one in charge of moving the strings in the Lannister House of Game of Thrones. If originally he was a bit in the shade manipulating his beloved Jaime or his son Joffrey, he proved to be among the most intelligent, strong and independent women in the series. So no matter how bad there is in her, she is undoubtedly a powerful woman who always managed to get what she wanted.

2. Eric Northman

The charming and handsome Eric will always be remembered for being the most arrogant, self-centered and narcissistic vampire of the series True Blood. He won the hearts of fans when he showed that even an immortal beast can fall in love.

3. Negan

One of the most impressive scenes in The Walking Dead was the one in which Negan decides who will die at the hands of his faithful bat Lucille. Although he may be a simple sociopath, there are features of his personality that are extremely striking and intelligent. And its charm is torture when we saw it on screen.

4. Serena Joy

The character of Serena has been the great revelation in The Handmaids Tale. A figure that is built based on the abuses received, which makes her feel empathetic despite committing such reprehensible actions just to be a mother.

5. Sister Jude Martin

This character took a complete turn in American Horror Story: Asylum. The strict, arrogant and severe nun was responsible for much pain for the inmates of the asylum, always with the justification of the Almighty, and let's not forget her strange and forbidden love for Mons. Timothy Howard. But she was forgiven when she saw her ending so sad and moving.

6. Frank Underwood

Although today Kevin Spacey's personal problems have put an end to his career, at least in House of Cards Netflix decided to kill the character, we can not help but appreciate someone very complete and complex. Politician who had no scruples to do everything possible to reach the top of the world; he moved with efficiency and intelligence that must be applauded.

7. Dougal MacKenzie

The War Chief of the MacKenzie Clan in the series Outlander. Although he was not the main villain of the story, undoubtedly he was not at all likeable: a man always with an air of authority, unpredictable, impulsive and impetuous, who always seemed to be against him in everything to his nephew Jaime Fraser. But he was a warrior from birth, who would have done anything to help his clan.

8. Hannibal

We should not have liked this murderer and cannibal so much. But its charm, elegance and intelligence, not to mention that it makes food that looks like a work of art, were enough to not stop seeing it on screen. An extremely well described character to whom you forgive all his faults.

9. Edie Britt

The most misunderstood character in Desperate Housewives He continually tried to go against the protagonists, but it was always a woman who said what she thought, independent and denounced the lies of others.

10. Merle Dixon

The famous brother of Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead he was one of the most hurt and resentful to Rick Grames' group, and let's not forget that he tortured Glenn and Maggie. A tough and cruel character, but we felt a certain empathy for the love towards his little brother, he gave everything for him.

11. Sue Sylvester

It was always bad in Glee, but we can not deny that it was very entertaining to see her. And in her image as a rude girl without feelings she liked the singing club although she always denied it, loved the students and did not tell Will Schuester.

12. Mr. Gold

It deceived everyone, but the more we saw it in Habia una vez more we learned from his personality, because his evil it came from the times that the people who had to protect him had betrayed him.

13. Mona Vanderwaal

Mona was a bad girl in Pretty Little Liars, and sometimes it filled our patience, because it could become horrible but it was also very bright and fun. He strove to save the liars in recent seasons.

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