13 Tricks for girls with few curves; Show those hips!


For years, the fashion industry has said that being thin is better than having a more curvy silhouette, but there are still girls who would change their flat abdomen for a little more curves. If this is your case, do not be discouraged! It is possible to have an hourglass silhouette thanks to the way you combine your outfits.

Watch and learn these 13 incredible tricks that will highlight your body and give you those precious curves that you did not know you had.

1. The crop tops highlight the waist

2. The horizontal stripes will give you that extra volume that you so desire

3. To highlight your hips use A-shaped skirts

4. Incorporate a belt to your outfit and you will see the difference

5. Wearing blouses will give the illusion of a curvilinear silhouette

7. Skirts skater will mark your waist and widen your hips

8. When you try what the bodies do with your silhouette, you do not want to let them go

9. The wrap dresses will frame your hips

10. Pretending curves is easy with these baggy pants

11. Using light tones gives more dimension to any body

12. Your hips will look bigger with skirts or dresses flared

13. Blouses with V neckline stylize the figure