13 Things that happen when you fall in love for the SECOND time


Falling in love for the first time is a unique experience. They say that first love is never forgotten, and it is true. The person with whom you feel will mark you forever, although it is most likely not with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

Life offers us endless opportunities in all areas, and love, of course, is one of them. Of course it will be hard to go through a love break and trust someone again, but now you will be better prepared to face what is coming. These are some of the things that happen when you fall in love for the second time.

1. You feel lucky

At first you were worried that it would never happen again, but: surprise! Yes it happened.

2. Your eyes are open

You are no longer that innocent girl who gave her heart and suffered the pain of feeling broken by losing love. Now you know that you have to find a person worth running that risk again.

3. You thought you would never feel better

You thought that you and he were for each other, and that you would never find someone like that again. But you did, and now you do not seek to idealize it. You are aware that you have flaws and love him as he is.

4. You know that love is not perfect

And the people either. You understand that he is not always at his best, and that sometimes he may seem hateful to you, but you still love him, because in the end, that's what love is about.

5. You understand what love is

You know that love can be bigger than just a passing feeling.

6. You try to be nice during fights

It does not matter so much to win the fights, but to solve the problem and make things work better between the two.

7. You realize the true meaning of happily ever after

You need to have a person you love by your side when the hormones and butterflies have disappeared.

8. You no longer express so much love in social networks

That was to prove to the world how excited and in love you were, and that someone loved you too. Now you know. It is not about showing it to the world. It's just for you, and of course, for him.

9. Do not settle

Maybe you're not the perfect girlfriend, but you know your mistakes and make a real attempt to improve. Maybe, for example, you are too jealous and annoying your partner because of it: you are learning to trust him and to understand that feeling a bit of vulnerability is fine.

10. You take things easy

You give yourself the opportunity to fall in love little by little. You are not in a hurry, and you do not want to fall in love with anyone. You want to make sure that this time it happens to someone worthwhile.

11. You are happy to be alone with him

With your first love, you were anxious to go out and show everyone that you were with someone. Now you just want to stay at home and live a more intimate love.

12. You give yourself the time to get to know it well

Your first love could be based on such common things as: Wow, we love Netflix, and eat pizza, we are for each other! Now you know that you have to be with a man who adds value to your life. Someone who is mature and interesting and who has many more things to offer you than just fun.

13. You understand why bad things happen

If your first love had not failed, you would not have realized how grateful you were for this new love that really works. You are prepared to love someone in a better way. You have more experience and now you are living a better stage.

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