13 Things that girls who talk very loudly are fed up with listening


Some girls have a very strong tone of voice and it is not our fault. This has been almost since we said our first word. It bothers some of them, but we have explained them to the point that we can not lower the volume!

We, who have also grown tired of hearing the complaints, have gone through situations like these, with which you may identify yourself if you have a strong voice:

1. Decrease the decibels of your voice a little, please

I speak out loud because I'm excited, do not you want to hear what I have to say?

2. Do you always scream?

No, that's how I speak.

3. Could you please speak in a more normal tone of voice?

This is my normal tone of voice!

4. Use your inner voice

5. Do not you hear how loud you are talking?

No, it sounds perfectly normal to me.

6. I can hear you, you do not need to speak so loud

I'm sorry, I did not realize you have a supersonic ear.

7. Shhhhh

You are silent.

8. My ears are suffering

I guess that happens because I can say it loud and your mute body can not handle it.

9. You do not have to shout

Apparently I do it because you are not paying attention to what I am saying, you only complain about my voice!

10. Stop! Can not you stop talking?


11. Seriously, can not you lower your voice a bit?


12. Stop screaming!


13. Please, lower your voice, the baby is sleeping

Ups, I'm sorry!

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