13 Styles of simple hairstyles to run to the office


Get up early, prepare quickly and go to the office on time, are some of the difficulties that every professional goes through in the mornings. And no matter how hard you try to hurry up looking for the right outfit and the perfect hairstyle, the hours never seem to be enough.

If you have very little time to prepare yourself in the mornings and want to try something new, check out these styles with which you will show your creativity and it will not take you five minutes to make them.

1. These collected are great for the days of hurry

2. Highlight your chongos with a nice accessory

3. If you are tired of ordinary pigtails, add a braid


4. Straight hair never goes out of style

5. A braid hairband is very cute and tender

6. Tall, disheveled bows look super chic

7. It will not take long if you braid only one side of your hair

8. If you think that the collected ones are boring, incorporate a nice braid

9. The beach waves look beautiful

10. The inverted braid will improve any outfit

11. A medium gathered in bow is a perfect choice

12. It will give you the perfect touch between elegance and sophistication

13. These disheveled pigtails are trend

Running Late Ponytail Hairstyles | Hair Tutorial (December 2021)