13 Reasons why men lie


According to the AskMen website, for good or for ill it is fundamental in a man's life to lie. In most cases, telling the truth to a woman causes them to get into trouble; But if they manage to say something that does not hurt her, they are safe. There is evidence to show that men lie on average four times a day.

For men, it is better to say a pious lie than to have to explain in an embarrassing situation; that is, lying helps you avoid emotional outbursts in situations that may be insignificant.

If you want to know some of the five main reasons why men believe that lying is the best option, you can not pass on this information.

1. To raise your ego

They tend to brag about their possessions, see them as a part and that makes them feel strong and important. They use lies to protect themselves, since their ego is very fragile.

They do not have to realize their weaknesses.

2. To impress

Men lie exaggerating their qualities to impress a woman, especially when they try to conquer it.

3. To get sex

When a man looks for an adventure at all costs, he can exaggerate, lie and do whatever it takes to take a woman to bed.

When he has succeeded, he will continue to lie: I'll call you later.

4. To feel powerful

Men like to maintain control, and it is not serious, as long as it does not become a trigger for fights as a couple. This makes them feel more men.

5. For infidelity

60% is, and seek to hide this fact based on lies, where one leads to another causing a relationship to end. They see monogamy as something that can be worked; They are like a: I have never been unfaithful to you.

6. Not to hurt yourself

Sometimes they lie so as not to hurt their partner. Studies indicate that men prefer to say a pious lie to make you feel better.

It is a sign of love!

7. Because they are insecure

They seek to feel sufficient, have low self-esteem and try to take control and make themselves interesting in the eyes of others.

Oh! and they only go out with pretty girls.

8. To avoid problems

Although it sounds difficult for women, men lie to avoid conflicts. They are not made to discuss.

9. To avoid responsibilities

They live on pretexts in order to avoid compromises! Sometimes they do it out of selfishness (they are not capable of making a sacrifice for a girl) or simply out of fear.

They flee from the formal and always manage to avoid responsibilities.

10. Out of fear

It is said that men lie because they really are afraid of falling in love and getting involved in any kind of relationship where they feel vulnerable to express their feelings.

11. To manipulate

Lies can be used to handle your partner if she is vulnerable, because they know that being in love will be able to do anything for them.

12. To maintain control

Control for men is very important, it makes them feel that they have power over everything that surrounds them, this helps them keep their partner closer.

13. For the pleasure of cheating

They like to brag that they are smarter than the rest of the people. They lie until they believe in their words. They are the typical ones that say I never lie or to be very honest, to tell the truth, if I am honest.

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