13 Qualities that your boyfriend has that also make him your best friend


Just because you and your boyfriend spend all your time together does not mean he is your best friend. They can go out to eat together, stay at home watching movies huddled in each other; However, being a best friend implies much more understanding and acceptance. It goes further than holding hands when they go for a walk.

You know who that person really is and you want him because he makes you better. They are together because you feel more complete in their presence. You could not imagine making decisions without asking his point of view. When you have a best friend, you just can not imagine what it would be like to not have him by your side. There are signs, beyond the duties of a boyfriend, that can make you discover that you also have your best friend.

1. He is the first person to whom you send a selfie ridiculous

Whether it is an interesting publication or a Snapchat I'm bored, your boyfriend is the first person you plan to send him to. Even when you feel you can get to annoy him with your silly internet finds, he always wants you to bother him. He does not care how ridiculous you look in that picture you sent him from look-I'm-eating-a-sandwich!

2. You can be in your pajamas all day, with messy hair and no makeup, and not feel uncomfortable

Even when you do not see or feel the best, you know that your boyfriend will never judge you by your appearance. You do not have to dress for him or feel that you must always be groomed. He is happy to see you comfortable, natural, and being yourself.

3. Does not get upset when the bills are divided or they eat from the other's plate

You are so close that it does not matter who pays what, and what is his is also yours, and yours is also his. The same applies to lunchtime, it does not bother them at all to share their plate of food, nor their shirts to sleep.

4. He likes to listen to the most insignificant things of your day

While it is about you, it will be fascinating to hear that at work they asked us not to skip the Christmas meeting and then I walked down the street and stopped to buy the book I wanted. Sure, he'll answer something like: Wow, baby, that's amazing! I do not know how you manage to do everything!

5. An infinite amount of jokes are made

The two practically speak their own language. They have fun putting themselves playful nicknames that are derived from the experiences they have lived in the time they have together.

Sometimes you feel it's just you and him in the world.

6. They stay talking for hours and hours

It's not like those talks you had in the funny pajamas you used to go to when you were a girl. You keep talking for hours about everything, from your favorite theories to the rumors about some common acquaintance or reflections about life.

It does not matter if you have to get up early to go to work, staying up together is absolutely worth it.

7. They have fights and immediately forget about them

It is almost impossible to be angry with him when after an argument he arrives with flowers to apologize. Their discussions mean nothing compared to how much they love each other.

8. Your love becomes evident during those ridiculous moments together

Dance moving your hands inside the car while listening to a cheesy song by Taylor Swift, getting drunk and later ridiculously dancing that song that sounds on the radio; send millions of text messages just because they can and want to do it, they are silly moments that bring out the best in you and your boyfriend. In fact, you feel very lucky to have found a person who appreciates your version of the robot dance.

9. The disgusting things they do do not matter

Either one of you can wear the same sports pants throughout the weekend and you will not even notice. They may decide not to wash their hair, or not to comb their hair. Having conversations through the bathroom door is completely normal. He is your best friend and there is practically nothing out of bounds.

10. He understands you when you are in your days

I'm having a terrible colic. Forgive me if I spoil your day, but my period has turned me into a monster that sheds blood.

Do not worry, baby, it's not your period, it's our period!

11. You can tell him anything without fear

You know that he will not judge you, or make conclusions or use it against you in the future. The difference between being just a boyfriend and a best friend is also that you are able to tell him anything, however difficult it may be. It does not matter if it is shameful, terrible, dirty or incredible.

12. They play making themselves wicked

You do not take it personally when it scares you while you hold a cup of hot coffee, because you know that you will avenge yourself by hiding your cell phone charger. They share the same sense of humor and are in tune when it comes to having fun. And, definitely, they make family dinners more interesting.

13. He reassures you

We all go through difficult times in which we can not think clearly and we feel that we fall through a kind of hole. In these cases he cares enough to sustain you. He is not afraid to intervene when you can not trust your instincts. He always wants the best for you and therefore knows how to reassure you.

13 Qualities That Make Him Not Just Your Boyfriend, But Your Best Friend (January 2021)