13 Psychological series that will cause you the worst nightmares


The cinema and thrillers psychological are not only an entertainment tool, they are also a good study option for those who pursue a career in psychology, as it allows them to have a contact beyond the books with characters and real life situations.

Based on this we have selected 13 series that every mental health student should see at least once in their life.

1. The Confession Tapes

Guilty or innocent? This series will put in doubt everything you know about justice and crimes.

2. Black Mirror

Each chapter is an independent story that shows the thoughts, emotions and experiences of a post-apocalyptic society.

3. The Sopranos

Tony Soprano is a mobster who must go to the psychologist after suffering an anxiety crisis because of his work and family life. The tricky thing is that no one should know his little secret, or his reputation will fall to the ground.

4. Making a Murderer

Steve Avery was convicted of rape and attempted murder of Penny Bernstein. Despite the evidence, there was a petition with 500,000 signatures requesting his release.

5. Mindhunter

It tells the story of Douglas, who captures murderers and rapists with unusual techniques.

6. Breaking Bad

Walter White is a chemistry teacher who faces an existential crisis whose life takes a radical turn thanks to a student with whom he set up a methamphetamine laboratory.

7. Dexter

His biological parents died as a child and he was raised by a family of police officers. With the passage of time, Dexter joined the Miami Police Department as a forensic expert, but he hides a terrible secret.

8. Criminal minds

The detectives, police and psychologists of the Behavior Analysis Unit empathize with the murderers to resolve any case.

9. Conversations with murderers: The tapes of Ted Bundy

A compilation of interviews, images and audios that will take you to explore the mind of the most feared serial killer in the United States.

10. Lie to Me

Your gift will be your curse. Paul Ekman, is a psychologist in charge of solving the worst crimes in the city with his ability to detect if people tell the truth or lie.

11. The Keepers

A documentary that analyzes the mysterious death of Sister Catherine Cesnik.

12. Gypsy

A therapist creates emotional and intimate bonds with the friends and relatives of their patients.

13. Two meters underground

Acclaimed by some, hated by others. This series shows the charm of death without taboos and with comic touches.

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