13 New horror movie classics that will make you scream more than once


Cold sweats, stiff muscles, screams and desperation are some of the effects that our body goes through when watching horror films, when more than one night we had difficulty falling asleep and, despite that, we can not stop seeing them. In horror movies there are all kinds of movies, some more entertaining than others, but each director tries to convey to viewers his unique way of seeing fear.

For the critics there are tapes that are great works of art and you should not lose a second more and see them. That's why we present some of the films of the last decade that have been endorsed by experts in the film industry.

1. Hereditary

The film is a real wonder that plays with psychological terror. It is a complex, sophisticated and, most importantly, terrifying tape. It has the best performances of its times. That of Toni Collete is impeccable, with a character so strong that she will be remembered in the horror genre as one of the best. The story tells of Annie who, after losing her mother, decides to move to her house; He hopes to forget the problems he had in his childhood in that place, but everything goes wrong when his daughter begins to see demonic figures.

2. It's behind you

It tells the story of Jay, 18, who after having his first encounter with his boyfriend will begin to be harassed by supernatural forces. A tape in which the greatest care was taken with each element and its meaning; a film that contains classic elements from the 80s.

3. Sweet dreams, mom

The Austrian film of 2014 caused a lot of controversy at the time of its release, because of its particular psychological terror that many are not used to. The story centers on two twin brothers waiting at home for their mother to return after plastic surgery. The change of personality of the woman will make the children begin to suspect that perhaps it is not her mother.

4. The witch

Set in 1630, it tells the story of a family of Christian settlers living on the side of a mysterious forest, which is stalked by demonic forces. The life of the family will take a complete turn when the newborn child disappears. The director reveals his sensitivities and abilities to develop a disturbing atmosphere. In addition, he portrays perfectly important issues of that time such as witchcraft, religion and the role of women in society.

5. The possession of Deborah Logan

Mía is making a documentary about Alzheimer's, recording the daily life of Deborah who suffers from the disease, and Sarah's daughter. However, little by little something strange and demonic is taking over the body of the woman. This film is fascinating in several aspects, from the innovative approach of the camera, the performances and the incredibly well told story. A film that will have you with tension and fear on the surface.

6. The orphanage

The Spanish film of 2007 portrays the character of Laura who manages to convince her husband to buy the orphanage where she lived as a child and has very nice memories. But one day her adopted son disappears and Laura, disconsolate, begins to hear voices of the little spirits, which may or may not help her to find the child. The orphanage it promises to frighten with its moments of incomparable tension, a great contribution to horror movies.

7. The night of the devil

This film is one of the proposals in which one first thinks when talking about contemporary cinema. Although it uses the most common elements of the genre, such as the famous jump scare, the film captures the essence and terrifying atmosphere. It narrates the life of Josh and Renai, who move to a new house where his son has a terrible accident and is in a coma. A story very well posed with magnificent performances.

8. REC

Ángela is a television reporter who accompanies a group of firefighters. One day they receive the call of an old woman who is locked inside her apartment; The reporter and her cameraman will assist with the rescue team, but it will be a decision they will regret. This Spanish film creates an atmosphere of anxiety and uncertainty minute by minute. Take the already common resource of footage, but he directs it from a very different angle.

9. Flees!

It is an intense film full of suspense, which also sends a clear and strong criticism against racism and discrimination. The story tells of Chris, who is encouraged to meet the parents of his girlfriend, Rose. When they arrive at the scene, Chris notices strange and disturbing behaviors on the part of the African-American inhabitants of the place. The film was even nominated for the Oscar in 2017, something that is not common in the films of the genre.

10. The spell

Based on the true story of Ed and Lorraine Warren, world-renowned paranormal investigators, who help the Perron family after they feel terrified by a dark presence. The tape is full of an atmosphere of tension and suspense at every moment. It is a story perfectly raised and told.

11. Oculus: the reflection of evil

One of the most interesting proposals of 2013 and also one of the most debate caused in the audience. While a public labeled it as boring, others discovered in the film extraordinary characteristics of a psychological thriller that avoids the cheapest tricks of the genre and highlights the reason above the spirits. The story focuses on two brothers who make plans to destroy an ancient mirror that has a malevolent force that caused the deaths of families and their parents.

12. A place in silence

The tension is unique. The film shows us that the performances are capable of transmitting emotions in great intensity. It portrays a family that has survived mysterious creatures, and the only way to not attract them is to not emit any kind of sound. You can not move a muscle with suspense.

13. The Babadook

Anchored by a solid and undervalued performance by Essie Davis and an impeccable address. The proposal of terror is one of the most disturbing and accurate representations of the suffering of having lost a loved one and its emotional consequences. An exploration of psychological disorders.

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