13 Netflix movies that will blow your mind; you will have to see them twice


Rest and enjoy a good movie is one of the best things in life, but not all make you have a good time. There is another type of tapes that arouse fears so great that we did not know they existed. Tension and anxiety are some of the effects we suffer from experiencing their narrative turns and theories of suspense, and they even remain in our minds for some time after we have seen them.

We leave you a list with some movies that you can find in the Netflix catalog and, in short, they will blow your mind with their complex stories that you can not easily get out of your thoughts.

1. Nocturnal animals

It portrays the life of Susan, a privileged woman, that a weekend while her husband is on a frequent business trip receives a package containing the first novel of his ex-husband, who asks him to make a critique of her. The book will become an object full of reflections, violence and powerful images. You really will not know what happens.

2. Seven deadly sins

A veteran detective about to retire will team up with Mils, a young and impulsive researcher. Both will investigate a rare murder that will lead to a series of crimes that will allude to the seven deadly sins. A tape in which, together with the researchers, you will want to solve the cases.

3. The game of Gerald

Adapted from Stephen King's novel. It is the story of a woman who, after being handcuffed to bed by her husband, faces twisted visions and dark secrets. You will not succeed in separating fiction from reality.

4. The origin

The story centers on a thief with the strange ability to enter people's dreams and steal their biggest secrets. It will keep you in constant confusion because the mysteries will be the order of the day.

5. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

The first Netflix interactive film portrays the life of a young programmer who questions reality when he adapts the fantasy novel of a crazy writer to a video game. Literally, you will be the protagonist of the film, it will make you reflect many times to know what path the character should take.

6. Annihilation

It will test your ability to generate philosophical theories. The story captures the life of a scientist who investigates events that happen in another part of the Earth, where animals and plants mutate.

7. Lost

The narrative begins when a man reports that his wife mysteriously disappeared, but the public image of a happy relationship withers under pressure from the police and the media. The characters move on a grayscale that will leave you wondering what the truth is and if the truth ever existed.

8. The Truman show

A classic that reflects on the society of media control and social exposure in which we are currently. Jim Carrey is the guinea pig for a reality show massive of which he has no conscience. It is a perfect movie to see the complex borders between reality and fiction.

9. The black swan

A dancer loses the fragile sense of reality when a newcomer threatens to occupy her position in the lead role. The film portrays the consequences of obsessive-compulsive disorder and how far they can go.

10. The Cloverfield Paradox

Maybe what first makes you think this movie is What's going on here. Quiet, is the usual reaction because it poses situations of parallel universes and extremities that are separated from the body, which is well worth a reflection. A team on board a space station, alone after a scientific experiment that causes the Earth to disappear.

11. Anomalisa

It revolves around a motivational speaker that the more you help the more monotonous people your life becomes, since everyone seems and sounds the same to you. Until the voice of a girl is different and will be willing to abandon everything for her. Your narrative may seem classic, but it is far from ordinary.

12. Butterfly effect

A young psychology student travels in time to transform the past and alter the future of his friends. A perfect ribbon to understand that trying to change the past can have dire and painful consequences.

13. Bird Box

Tells the story of the survivors of a post-apocalyptic world where, for no reason, they must meet face to face with an entity that takes the form of their worst fears. The tape is very interesting and it will surely make you think too much because of the tension it generates to see it.

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