13 Joaquin Phoenix characters that make him the perfect Joker


Joaquin Phoenix has been crowned as one of the best actors of his generation thanks to multifaceted performances: Her, Gladiator and Walk The Line, to mention just a few, in which he showed us his talent and ability to play any character that is put in front of him. He is an actor with enough strength and skill to catch us every time we see him on screen.

That's why it was not a total surprise when the news came out that it would become the new Joker, although there are still doubts about whether he will be able to cover such an important character. That's why we leave you some of the most important and determining roles in Phoenix's career, which shows that he is the perfect actor to play this villain.

1. Comfortable

Without a doubt, one of his most memorable characters did it on the tape Gladiator. His performance was applauded when he played the emperor's son, who murders his father when he discovers that he will not inherit the throne. A splendid performance by a man disturbed and obsessed with power, taking his first nomination for Best Actor in the Ã? Scares.

2. Theodore Twombly

Her It was one of the most outstanding films of 2012, as a critique on the subject of communications with a perspective on the future. Phoenix beautifully represented the feeling of loneliness to the transformation in love of an operating system.

3. Johnny Cash

Walk The Line It was a success at both the box office and the critics. The actor was acclaimed for his sincere way in which he played the personal struggles, triumphs and defeats of the famous singer Johnny Cash.

4. Freddie Quell

The interpretation of a veteran of war with different traumas extraordinarily portrayed the oscillation of emotions through which the character passed. Master, a complicated and very unconventional tape.

5. Joaquin Phoenix

Im Still Here It was a fake documentary that caused great controversy in 2010, as Phoenix interpreted himself but in an exaggerated version of an exhausted person. He even did some strange interviews, in which the media handled his attitude as his true personality, but everything was part of the documentary film.

6. Leonard Kraditor

Tape Two Lovers It was seen as the farewell of the actor, as he had announced his retirement in the fake documentary. Phoenix plays this man divided into two loves, is one of his few romantic movies.

7. Jimmy Emmett

This was the paper that put it on the map, through the tape To Die For. Although Jimmy is a secondary character, in the end he plays a determining role for the story. It was not his first appearance, but one that showed all his acting strength.

8. Max California

8mm It is a very disturbing film, in which the actor gave life to the employee of a porn video store that helps to discover the plot's entanglement. This role gave him special characteristics that gave him the specific Phoenix profile we now know.

9. Joe

For the movie You Were Never Really Here, the actor played a veteran addict with post-traumatic stress who one day must perform a political job, because his daughter has been kidnapped. A violent film, but the role of Joe among the other works for playing a character so real with which we feel some empathy.

10. Lucius Hunts

Lucius is an anxious man and in love with a blind woman in the film The Village. The actor not only perfectly embodied the role but makes an unparalleled acting couple with Adrien Brody. It may seem that this role is not as important but it is a demonstration of cinema different from the one that is used to it.

11. Abate de Coulmier

Quills It shows the life of imprisonment inside a madhouse of the Marquis de Sade. Two secondary and determining characters appear, LeClerc and the Abbe de Coulmier. Another example of the versatility and naturalness of the actor to play any character.

12. Willie Gutiérrez

Another of the important characters he made in the film The Yards. Although it was one of the secondary ones, he perfectly interpreted its moral complexity and turned the film into a dense story to understand.

13. Larry Doc Sportello

The movie Inherent Vice portrays the life of detective Sportello in the investigation that relates his ex-girlfriend and the kidnapping of a millionaire. It is not a tape of amorous entanglements: it is a perfect journey to the past groovy

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