13 Ideas to wear 90s pins with a chic touch


Just when you thought your obsession with 90s fashion was over, another trend for hair is here and stronger than ever. We talked about the clips for hair, in particular those with striking colors, big and thick, those that you had in your girl's drawer.

If you love the clips as much as we do, we give you a few tips to make you look like magazine cover.

1. How to forget the flower brooches

2. Do not always combine with your outfit

3. They are for any season

4. Have fun combining them with different clothes

5. It is worth using them with a nice hat

6. Give your pigtail an extra touch

7. Pearl clips will give you a touch of elegance

8. They are ideal for any style

9. Highlight your outfit

10. The big ones are the best

11. Butterfly snaps should never be missed

12. You can use them in any event

13. They will never be too many

I Dressed Like It Was 1977 (April 2021)