13 Female characters that Disney should consider as princesses


The Disney princesses have made us believe in fairy tales, dreaming of a prince charming and in recent dates, together with Anna and Elsa, they have reminded us of our feminine strength.

And because it's not all about wanting to be like Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White or Rapunzel, there's a group of princesses forgotten by Disney, but not by us, and we want to pay tribute for their strength, courage, independence and courage, no matter that they are not real princesses but neither is Mulán and there it is, is not it?

1. Alice

Movie: Alice in Wonderland

She is a girl of English high society in search of herself.

2. Emerald

Movie: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The princess of the gypsies. It lasts but with a heart of gold.

3. Giselle

Movie: Haunted

In almost the entire film appears as a woman of flesh and blood who discovers that love is not like in fairy tales. A personality worthy of a modern princess.

4. Jane

Movie: Tarzan

She is a girl of English high society. Brave, intelligent, determined and independent.

5. Kida

Movie: Atlantis: the lost empire

This young Atlantean is a princess by blood line: her father is the King of Atlantis. But because the movie was a box office failure, Disney has preferred to forget it.

6. Lady Marian

Movie: Robin Hood

Marian is the niece of King Richard, but being an anthropomorphic animal instead of a sweet and delicate princess of flesh and blood, Disney decided to put her aside, but her strength and temperament are worthy of applause.

7. Nala

Movie: The Lion King

Like Lady Marian, play against her being a lioness instead of a real person. In fact, more than a princess, she is queen because she marries Simba, the King.

8. Leia

Movie: Star Wars: a new hope

The most hardened princess of all Disney. It is one of the youngest, since the Star Wars Animated universe arrived a few years ago to the company.

9. Lilo

Movie: Lilo & Stitch

Although she does not belong to royalty nor is a high society, Lilo should be considered part of the elite guild because her temperament, strength and determination are admirable at her young age.

10. Megara

Movie: Hercules

She is not afraid to tell the truth, she is tough, witty, independent and knows that she needs a life partner, not a blue prince to rescue her at all times. Prototype of modern princess: activated.

11. Elena

Movie: Tarón and the magic cauldron

She is presented as a princess, although we do not know what kingdom. As in Atlantis: the lost empire, the movie was a failure and very few remember this little girl. But she is a strong girl who fights against supernatural forces to save an entire town.

12. Wendy

Movie: Peter Pan

The older sister of the Darling puts in its place the infant Peter Pan, and it exerts so much of sister as of mother. It could well be the Princess of Lost Children, right?

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