13 Famous people who do not spend their money on themselves; Some use discount coupons!


In the world there are two classes of people: those who spend their money as if there were no tomorrow and those who save so that in the future, if there is unemployment, they do not have to live one day at a time. This situation also applies between celebrities. Yes, because although we are accustomed to believe that they, simply because they have millions, are always eating in luxurious restaurants, driving expensive cars and buying expensive designer clothes, but the reality is very different.

In the world of entertainment there are also actors who like to have a simple life, who enjoy walking and preparing a simple dinner at home for their friends, do you still doubt it? In case you do, here we present the 13 celebrities who do not usually waste money.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

The actress of The Hunger Games Do not spend your money on nonsense, so always try to save as much as you can. Drive a Volkswagen Eos, buy your clothes when on sale and use discount coupons for the supermarket. He also likes to donate a few million for noble causes.

2. Keanu Reeves

It is no secret to anybody that the actor lives an austere life. He does not have huge properties or luxurious cars, nor bodyguards, and what he enjoys the most is traveling in the subway like the rest of the people. When he received his payment for the movie Matrix, around 80 million dollars, distributed 90 percent between makeup artists, companions of the film and doubles of risk.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker

The actress takes good care of her money and also seeks to teach her children that although they have it, they should not spend it just because they do. Sarah enjoys making them her own clothes and when she has to buy she does them in thrift stores.

4. Kate Middleton

The Duchess does not like to spend on new dresses every time she has to go to an event, she prefers to wear one that is stored in her closet. She is also a fan of brands like Zara and Hobbs. In addition, he participates in charity programs.

5. Vincent Kartheiser

The star of the series Mad Men He has stated that for reasons of principle he does not buy a car, he prefers to use public transport and live in a modest house.

6. Christian Bale

Even after becoming famous for his character as Batman, Bale lived in a modest apartment with his family, had no car or security guards. The actor prefers to donate most of the profits from his films to charitable causes.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo loves his Toyota Prius car and, above all, prefers to use commercial airlines than private planes. Since 1998, he has donated millions of dollars to charities that help the environment and people with limited resources, among others.

8. Jennifer Garner

The actress found a balance between her status as a Hollywood star and her role as a housewife. Enjoy shopping at the market to prepare fresh foods for your children. In addition, he collaborates with the Save the Children Foundation, which deals with children's rights and education.

9. Keira Knightley

The actress has a very effective method of saving: whenever she wants to buy something that is too expensive, think about if she really needs it; if so, it acquires it; if not, save the money.

10. Russell Crowe

The actor could lead a life full of luxuries, but instead he chose to move to Australia, bought a ranch and an old man jeep to be in contact with nature. Every so often, Russell donates money to different organizations, including the Jewish school in Montreal that suffered an attack in 2004.

11. Reese Witherspoon

The actress spends her money carefully and also likes to save. She believes that spending money on luxuries does not make sense, that's why she teaches her children to be responsible with the money, even, her daughter works in a pizzeria to have her own income.

13. Jessica Alba

Even though the magazine Forbes She was included in the list of the richest women in the United States, Jessica is a mom who likes to save and help the environment, so she founded a company that produces ecological diapers. Her fortune is very large, but she is not ashamed to buy cheap clothing and travel by public transport.

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