13 Exparejas share selfies on Instagram after signing the divorce

In youth, it is normal to hear teachers and parents repeat the tiredness of the importance of marriage, the commitment and responsibility that this requires. And, for a couple who decides to join their lives, the ideal is never to touch the issue of divorce. However, some situations do not end as we expect and although many couples who separate repeat the phrase I tried it to exhaustion, ending this cycle in bad terms, should not be an option.

So, why not finish everything with a good smile? Leave the reproaches for later and smile, not because they ended, but because it happened. They are an example of maturity and gratitude to their previous partners and deserve all recognition; here 13 ex-marriages that share a cheerful selfie post-divorce.

1. Sometimes everything indicates that it is the right decision

Selfie of divorce # 2. Incredibly hard to say, all the signs indicated that this is the right path.

2. See? Everything will be fine

Amazing selfie of divorce in our store. Come? Divorce does not have to be miserable.

3. No rings!

It was a wild trip. The separation may have lasted longer than the marriage but after 8 years, we have finally taken the final step. I could not ask for a better partner or friend to raise my son.

4. Happy not because it ended, but because it happened

Officially, we are separated. This is the most friendly, respectful and loving separation imaginable. We smile not because it's over, but because it happened.

5. Even a moment to remember

Memory of Thursday: when the divorce was recent. I will meet him in a few weeks.

6. We can still be friends

# afterfirmingldivorcio #wemaketogetfriendfriends #somawesome #selfiededivorcio.

7. It's official!

After 6 years of separation, we are officially divorced! .

8. # freedom

Six days after our fourth anniversary.

9. They demonstrate an example of maturity

I was very fortunate to be your wife for four years and now I am happy to be your friend forever.

10. They met Bill Murray on the day of his divorce!

The day of divorce was with style. It was full of hugs, smiles and hand clashes. I am very lucky to call this man my best friend. It does not deserve more than happiness. Health, Matty. Oh! And we met Bill Murray.

11. Everything indicates that things will get better

Can we take a selfie of divorce?
Clear. In front of the eagle? .

12. So, why do not we take this with humor?

Know it, it's official! Goodbye old Peggy (left) and welcome the new Charity (right). I had to share.

13. The rest of our lives But separated!

In front of the court. Health, for the rest of our lives, separated.

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