13 Cute swimsuits with long sleeves to wear all summer


With the arrival of summer, so close, also begins our favorite season: that of swimsuits! And if you are planning to take a well-deserved vacation on a beautiful beach, you should definitely be informed of the latest trends.

2019 has brought us the fashion of sleeves in bathing suits, yes, as you heard it! You may find it hard to believe that these garments are fashionistas after being used to playing with necklines, openings and straps, but these pieces inspired by surfing are taking over the market. So take a look at these 13 different designs that will make you the envy of who sees you.

1. Beautiful detail on the neckline

2. Striking colors look super-thin

3. To give a sexier touch

4. A very romantic swimsuit

5. The floral pattern fits all

6. The perfect Bohemian style set

7. The pastel colors shine a lot

8. You will not regret that neckline

9. Do not be afraid to show your curves

10. Details on the side make the difference

11. The prints look beautiful

12. Sensual openings

13. A classic style of surfer

4 Ways to Rock the Trendy Long Sleeve Swimsuit (April 2021)