13 Courts that will be trend this summer 2019


Summer is just around the corner and that means that, finally, we can enjoy the sun, the beach and the fresh clothes; but, also, that we can make a small cut to our hair. It is time for you to risk making a drastic change with your mane and, if possible, make a pixi cut or a bob to the neck.

But if you still can not decide, do not worry because here we will show you the haircuts that will be trend this summer 2019; the fringes will take force and the extra long manes too. The decision is yours now.

1. Short and textured

If you want a radical change, it's time to try a textured and wet effect pixi. In this way you will achieve volume and waves that will make you look beautiful.

2. Hair disheveled and platinum

Since Lucy Boynton appeared with this cut in the Golden Globes we knew that it would become the most popular cut of 2019.

3. Midi hair with waves

Kim Kardashian imposed fashion when she appeared on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2019 with this wet-looking hair. Not only did he get the effect of just coming out of the shower but he also made some waves in front that give him the appearance of being careless and combing at the same time.

4. Long bob and curtain bangs

This type of cut helps you to lengthen your face and make it look stylized, the best thing is that it goes well with any type of hair and you can also comb it easily.

5. Delicate Bangs

Curtain or lightweight fringe has the advantage of making you look sexy; In addition, you can split it in half so that it does not bother you in the eyes and the best thing is that you can wear it straight or curly, as you best believe it.

6. Bob smooth

In recent years we have seen bob cuts, but none like Du's: ultra-glossy and brilliant. You will definitely be a success.

7. Tousled cut

Taylor Swift appeared with similar hair during her era grunge, but this time the cut has to be textured and with a wet effect, and a fringe that covers the eyes.

8. Asymmetric Pixie

This type of cut will not go out of style because, besides being easy to comb, it is sophisticated and comfortable, especially in the summer, because you will not feel heat. With a little wave you will give more style.

9. Hair with volume

This is ideal for girls with heavy and long hair who want to make a change; besides giving volume to the hair, it makes the face look thinner.

10. Hair XXL

The Kardashian sisters are specialists in going from having short hair to long in record time; Of course we know that they should thank for the extensions, but this time they were right. This season they propose extra long manes with a bit of waves, or else, totally smooth.

11. Smooth pixie with bangs

The pixie returns but with a variation: flat fringe forward and slightly blunt. You have to try!

12. Pixie curly and with volume

Not everything is about smooth, there are also cuts that curly-haired girls have to try. This asymmetrical style with volume to the front will give you a coquettish and feminine appearance.

13. Long curly bangs

This type of cut is for those who want a fringe, but not so short. It looks fantastic and feminine.

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