13 Cinema and television characters that turned out to be very harmful


There are characters in the film and television industry who are so memorable that they undoubtedly become an important part of popular culture, either because of the talent of their actors, the story or the good construction of their personality. However, sometimes we do not realize that their actions are not as good as we thought, such as those in which more than one person was injured because of their cause.

We do not judge you if you do not realize their toxic behaviors, because they are not easy to identify. That is why we leave you some of the most popular fictional characters that were very destructive to others.

1. Julianne Potter

We all love My best friend's Wedding in the same way as Julianne for being an independent woman with a great professional career. But let's face it, he wanted to destroy his best friend's marriage just because he realized that he loved him; Come on, even if we wanted her to stay with her, she made Michael suffer by making him doubt his love for Kimmy.

2. Mr. Big

This man was presented to us as the man we all dream of having in Sex and The City, but it really made our Carrie suffer. Recall that he was unfaithful to his girlfriend and then to Carrie. And if you still do not hate him or anything, in the movie Mr. Big dared to leave Carrie at his wedding.

3. Severus Snape

For many, the fearsome Potions Professor. But undoubtedly you should have loved him when you found out about the deep love he had for Lily Potter. But Snape was always an extremely bitter and resentful person, and although he was one of the magicians who helped destroy the Dark Lord, he was also the one who joined him from the beginning.

4. Danny Zuko

Danny became the dream man of the 70s thanks to the tape Vaseline but he was far from being the perfect boyfriend. He spent the whole tape playing with Sandy's feelings, plus he was ashamed of her with his friends.

5. Ross Geller

Although we love Friends, we know that Ross was not perfect. He was the character who got the most angry and we did not stop emphasizing his relationship with Rachel, in which he seemed to never trust her. And his most famous phrase, we had taken a while, it was always his perfect justification for everything.

6. Edward Cullen

The favorite vampire of many always seemed to do the opposite of what he said. For starters, he always claimed that he did not want to disturb Bella's life with his immortal creature nature, but he made no effort to stay away. And when they finally decide to be together in New Moon, He left her without any explanation, further disturbing Bella. Although he did it to protect her, there is nothing better than communication.

7. Christian Gray

He has been one of the most popular gallants, but let's accept, maybe we would not have loved him so much if it were not for his physical attractiveness or his business success, because Gray was a man who dominated beyond intimacy. He practically let Anastasia know all the time he was his property.

8. Clay Jennsen

Clay appears to be sweet, kind, and Hanna's vigilante, but the reality is that he did not act in the best way when she lived. Clay always knew what Hanna was up to but never intervened, not even as a friend. In addition, he judged her severely when he knew his story with the other boys. Maybe he was not as evil as the others, but he deserved his tape.

9. Walter White

Walter can be one of the obvious choices of a toxic person, because each time the story progressed he became more and more corrupt. But who was the most affected was his partner and friend Jesse, he suffered a lot at Walter's side and let's not forget that he allowed Jesse's girlfriend to die and he felt guilty about what happened.

10. Chuck Bass

Chuck is one of the characters you love and hate at the same time, because despite having stayed with Blair and being apparently very happy, he was always a man who was afraid to commit, which made him completely ignorant of Blair's feelings.

11. Preston Burke

Burke was always an arrogant character with his colleagues, but the real problem was how he constantly hurt Cristina, did not respect his way of being or thinking, wanted to change and mold her. And let's not talk about her decision not to marry her.

12. Joker

We know well that the Joker does not have the best mental health, but he knew how to handle Harley at his convenience with the love she feels for him, not to mention the many mistreatments that he made him go through.

13. Loki

The deception god is clearly one of the villains of the Thor saga, but in spite of that we sometimes found actions that undoubtedly made us forgive him, but it is clear that he is a very toxic character. He has always wanted the recognition and praise of others, he has a constant hatred for his brother, besides trying to remove his father from the throne.It seems that in Asgard everything stays between family.

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