13 Celebrities that the designers did not want to wear because of their size

The fact that they are nominated for an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy or simply because they occupy the headlines of magazines around the world does not mean that celebrities have no difficulty finding designers to wear them. Whether it's the shape of your body, the size, race or the supposed image, many of them have fought against the fashion industry to have a dress to wear on the red carpet.

These are 13 celebrities who spoke about the discrimination suffered by the high fashion firms, when they wanted an outfit for special events.

1. Baby Rexha

It seems that a Grammy nomination was not enough for the singer to receive the perfect outfit for the red carpet. On Twitter he commented: I made my team knock on doors of many designers and many of them did not want to dress me because I'm too big. In the end, the singer had her designer attire, but that situation had to happen to pay attention.

2. Leslie Jones

The actress has not had it easy to find designers, because when she promoted the ribbon Ghostbusters tweeted: it's very funny that there are no designers who want to help me with a dress. But he gave them a lesson when the renowned designer Christian Siriano created the perfect red dress.

3. Ashley Graham

It could be very impressive that even a model has difficulty finding perfect attire; this was Ashley's case when it came out on the cover of British Vogue. The editor-in-chief confessed that many brands flatly refused to lend the model clothing because it was outside the range of beauty shows.

4. Melissa McCarthy

Even if you are nominated for the Oscar, important firms will refuse to dress you. This was confirmed by the actress in 2012, when she arrived empty-handed for the important event: up to six signatures had rejected her. But this was the best thing that could happen to her because for the 2011 Emmys she designed her own dress, which led her to create her clothing line. When you exceed size 12 you do not lose your love for fashion, he said.

5. Beyoncé

Although it is hard for you to believe, the famous singer was denied clothing in the early 2000s; his mother had to make a large part of his costumes. When we were starting out in Destinys Child the designers did not want to dress three field girls, colored and curvy, he explained. Today Beyoncé is so famous that it is the designers who pay for her to wear her creations.

6. Aidy Bryant

The star was delighted to get a personalized Eloquii dress for the Emmys after years of begging from designers who appeared not to be designed for the mother of the bride, she told the magazine People Style. I'm young, I'm great and I want to wear cool clothes! .

7. Octavia Spencer

Despite being nominated for an Oscar for The Help In 2012, the actress struggled to find the right attire; She explained that being a short, chubby girl did not help her find clothes easily. There are no designers that come to me.

8. Christina Hendricks

When he triumphed on stage with the series Mad Men, all celebrated their curves except the designers of the red carpet. We love Mad Men, we love you, but we will not make you a dress, explained Hendricks Glamor. In addition, he criticized severely that the dresses are only available for girls sizes zero to two.

9. Kim Kardashian

Who would say that one of the sisters of the Kardashian dynasty would have a hard time finding a designer? This is what Nicola Formichetti, a stylist she worked with, confessed. More than its size, designers have rejected it because of its eccentric way of dressing.

10. Jennifer Hudson

After losing 36 kilos in 2010, the singer was surprised to discover how different now was her experience in red carpets. I had no idea what I was missing. It's like a completely different world. Suddenly all the designers want to dress you up.

11. Rachel Bloom

The star of the series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend She revealed that she bought her Gucci dress for the 2017 Emmys after the brand refused to dress her. It's hard to get places that want to get dressed because I'm not a size zero, but I can also afford it, so that's fine, he said. AND!

12. Dascha Polanco

The actress of Orange Is the New Black He does not seem to mind that the designers do not take it into account. I will not wait for you to decide to dress me. It's me who chooses what clothes to wear. I'm breaking the mold. I am not a size zero, and even then I look very good using a size eight. A thought that deserves to be applauded.

13. Amber Riley

In 2015 the star tweeted her support for blogger Gabi Fresh, after she said goodbye to Twitter for the lack of clothing options for women of large size. Riley emphasized that there are very few stores that offer available and elegant options, so big-size celebrities risk wearing the same dress.

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