13 Bad ideas that you had at 20s that you will NEVER regret

We all make bad decisions sometimes. We are not perfect and we have to make mistakes to learn. The twenties are full of bad decisions. Surely you ever woke up with a hangover that was killing you, and you thought: Ugh, what did I do? At that stage we acted without thinking, and things did not always end well.

However, we do not have major regrets. And we should not have them. Maybe it sounds silly, but if we are trying to live a life without regrets, I would say that we do not do wrong. Even if our decisions were bad, in the end they are only ours. And we should never regret them. At 20 we could:

1. Sleep very few hours during the night

Every time we came home for the holidays, we slept as much as we could while our parents told us for the umpteenth time that we had to start getting up early. However, back to school or work, that never happened. Every day we woke up after only four or five hours of sleep (if we were lucky), cursing the joyful sun.

Of course, we were not doing our body any favors, but at the same time, the nights we stayed awake until 3 in the morning working were the most productive.

There are also the nights we stayed until 4:30 am drinking and exploring the city with our imprudent friends (as we do): those are moments we will never forget.

On the other hand, the hours we spend awake instead of sleeping are hours that we would not change for anything.

2. Having a long-distance relationship

When we make the choice to maintain a long-distance relationship, there is no guarantee that it will last; in most cases it does not work, but it teaches patience and, of course, to fight.

If those involved are willing to wait, and to survive the miles away, it is clearly worth it. A relationship at a distance is difficult, but at twenty you can be willing to have it and surely, work or not, we would repeat it without remorse.

3. Eat massive amounts of food at 4 in the morning

In their twenties they begin to feel the effects of not being a teenager with a large metabolism. The things we eat no longer evaporate from our bodies as before, however, when we arrived home after work or a party, we put a frozen pizza in the oven and ate it whole.

The pizza, the bread with cream cheese or the bag of chocolates gave us moments of comfort after a long day and it is very difficult to regret something that really made us feel better.

4. Spending all the money on something impulsive

Let's face it: having twenty years is synonymous with being bankrupt constantly. Maybe because we work in a place where they do not pay enough, or the city is expensive, but definitely, we could not afford any luxury.

Against all our purposes of saving, there was a need to go visit a friend or buy those shoes that we saw in the mall. And the money went away again, but we hardly reproached ourselves for spending it.

We would have liked to have more, but it was always a pleasure to have spent it on something that mattered to us.

5. Cry in public

Suddenly the emotion or pain hits us and we just can not take it anymore, we have to cry. Unfortunately, when this happens, we are not always alone. Crying in public is not the most shameful thing that could happen to us, it is rather a kind of relief that we experienced when we were that age and we learned not to be inhibited by it.

6. Fail on something

When we are younger, we sometimes think that we are invincible and indefatigable. We spent hours without sleep and made bad decisions; We believe that no matter what we do, everything will somehow work. And in a way, it's true, but we also have to learn that it will not always be like that. When this happens, we must learn from failure and move on.

Failure and losses will be crucial to succeed in our lives and mature.

7. Stay awake until 3 am before an exam, flight, interview, or something important

It turns out that every time we had something important to do the next day, we proposed thousands of different hours to go to bed, which in the end we ended up delaying. The next day, tired and not 100 percent, we tried to remember our priorities and put the best face without regrets.

8. Call not to go to work

We were still learning how to be responsible. We did a good job most of the time, but sometimes, we just did not feel like it. For the sake of our health, physical or mental, it was necessary to rest, take the day and rest.(If it did not have major consequences, we may still do so when we need a moment to breathe.)

9. Lost

It's very frustrating when you're on your way to a party, or a job interview and just the maps of Google they are not by your side You thought you knew where you were going, but the truth is that you have no idea.

Being late is something very annoying, and not knowing where you are makes you feel like you are losing control. But getting lost is not so bad. At twenty-something you knew.

10. Have a one night adventure

In general, the adventures of a single night are a bad idea, but many times we end up doing it. Sex was easier, and if it turned out the way we thought, in the end there was no reason to regret it. The important thing was to escape from the experience, which would then be an interesting memory.

11. Make friends with someone different

Some of us had that friend that nobody else liked. We ended up juggling to go out with him or her and the rest. Being friends with this person was a challenge, but in the end, their friendship for some reason is another of the good memories of when we were twenty.

12. Drinking too much alcohol in one night

Before leaving we said: Tonight I will not drink much. And then, we did the opposite.

We send text messages to that person who we swear never to contact again; we talked with strangers or with the department mate that we did not get along; We lost some garment but in the end we had a good memory of another night more of our youth.

13. Fall in love with someone you can not have

One of our greatest faults, but also one of our greatest virtues during the 20s, is that we love passionately. We have a lot of love to give and it is easy to fall in love with who does not belong to us: the famous platonic love.

We experienced what it is to have a broken heart and in spite of all the pain and the countless hours we spent wishing that things were different, loved more than in another time of our life.

We would not change this for anything.

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