12 Tips that people who have managed to LOSE weight want to SHARE with you


The causes of obesity are not only limited to genetic factors, overeating for prolonged periods or a sedentary lifestyle. Many times what we do or do not do is the result of how we think and feel, which is very important in the process of overcoming a weight control problem.

The protagonists of these stories are people who decided to lose weight for several reasons: their health, of course; To be able to play with your children, get into their favorite clothes or change their appearance. These are the best 12 tips from people who made a change in their lifestyle and lost weight.

1. Make and build one-to-one changes

Signe Heffernan lost 57 kilos in two years.

I started walking home after work a 5-kilometer walk. I did this for six months and then I started eating healthy. I left all the sugar, the processed foods, and after a year of walking home for three to five days I hired a personal trainer and started lifting weights and doing circuit training (push-ups, squats, etc.)

I took things slowly at the beginning: I built a routine during the time I could commit myself. I stopped buying my bus pass to go home, so I had to walk. Once you have the routine you can try to build everything on it, add healthy foods and start lifting weights. Keep changing and add new challenges to motivate you.

2. Take the advice, but follow your instinct

Montgomery Hunter, 28, lost 47.7 kilos in one year.

There are many who pose as experts in the health industry and the fitness. It is essential that you investigate and deal with different trainings and feeding plans. What I have found is that each person is different, and everyone reacts and benefits from certain things in a different way. Also, keep in mind that nobody knows about your body more than yourself and not everyone on the internet is an expert.

3. If you do not like cardio, find something that does

Olivia Sullivan, 28, lost 45 kilos in one year

The biggest revelation I had was that for me, cardio was crap. It is truly overwhelming when you weigh 124 kilos; It makes you feel really bad about yourself. A friend introduced me to strength training and I fell completely in love with him. It was viable for my weight, and I realized that I was strong. I would like to do cardio a couple of times a week, but the lifting causes me to return to the gym. In October, around the middle of the year, I came across boxing. He had built enough strength and strength, and I thought it was really fun.

I fight three days a week and cardio is much easier now that I weigh 79 kilos. I'm looking forward to my first 5-kilometer race this summer.

4. Try some sports activities to build your confidence and then try the gym

Diana Noesgaard lost 40 kilos in 15 months

I started with walking for as long as I could (about 15 minutes) and then I started taking water gymnastics classes and lost 6.8 kilos. I continued with the classes of Aqua Fit four times a week for nine months until I felt I was ready to conquer the gym. I never thought I was going to be this type of girl but I go to the gym at least five times a week. I do cardio and strength training.

5. It is possible that you cry in the way of physical training, but do not forget that next time it will be easier

Jackie Kankam lost 31 kilos in two years

I will never forget my first day of training. I cried. Literally I was filled with tears. It was quite hard, I was in the gym of my work and my classmates looked at me and tried to avoid eye contact. At one point during the training I sat down and thought: I can give up right now or I can resist, because the next time I exercise will not be so difficult. So I decided that abandoning what I had started was more difficult.

My favorite phrase is: The difference between falling and failure, is whether or not you decide to return. I realized that the hard part does not matter if you just keep going and you get it. It is easier every day.

6. Do not look for a diet. Change your lifestyle.

Gurinder Pabla, lost 31 kilos in three years

The most difficult part of my trip has been the revision of my whole life. It is not a diet, nor an exercise, and it is definitely not a pill, it is a complete change of lifestyle. There have been many times when I would like to go back and sit on my couch like when I ate a whole pizza and a bucket of wings with everything that was included, but I do not because I know the reason why I'm working, and I do not I want to be the person I was again.

7. Find a community that supports you and supports you

Zachary Rieger lost 23.5 kilos in one year

Surround yourself with the people who give you the greatest possible support. I was lucky to have my girlfriend back then, now my wife by my side, supporting me all the way. She has been running by my side throughout our relationship, and she always encouraged me as I ran. My parents were also there every step of the way, they recorded my progress and encouraged me when I finished my first marathon. My best friends supported me throughout the entire experience.

The support of the broker community offers a great atmosphere; You do not have to be a marathon runner to run by your side. They accept enthusiasts of all levels. I have found a great friendship with the boys.

8. Identify your unhealthy habits and learn how to change them

Timothy Reed lost 45 kilos in 18 months

It took me a year and a half to lose the 45 kilos, but the trip continues until today. Food was my drug, especially sugar. The fight continues.

I started to educate myself on nutrition: first, counting calories; then, at a macro level when I started to really build muscles.

The temptation of food, especially sugar, has always been the most difficult part of my trip. I was able to overcome it by not keeping it at home and not going out to eat much. I prepare all my meals ahead of time and only buy nutritious food.

9. Find out what your psychological blocks are and change your life

Vanessa Nelson lost 31 kilos in five months

I started going to therapy to treat my generalized anxiety disorder. Once I did, a lot of the fears I had regarding weight loss started to go away. It sounds weird to say that weight loss scared me, but it did. The idea of ​​a possible failure scared me a lot. But leaving all of that aside, dealing with anxiety every day, made a big difference.

10. Sign up for a career with a friend

Jenn Flores lost 27 kilos in 16 months

I weighed 108 kilos and was always tired. I set a goal: I wanted to run a 5km race, but two months before I was still a television addict. I mentioned to my co-worker that I wanted to enter a career and he told me that he was going to do it with me. That day, at lunchtime, everything was confirmed and I think I said to myself: Hell, I just really got it!

We started running on the beach after work. The first two weeks I could not run more than a minute. Little by little I began to be able to hold entire stretches between lifesaving towers. He not only motivated me to exercise, but also to relax me a little. That race was the turning point. I think I had a vision of what I could do.

11. Celebrate every victory, no matter how small, and reward yourself

Athina Garza lost 83 kilos in just over two and a half years

When I started I was losing 2 to 4 kilos a week, but then it was slower and some weeks I lost only one or two kilos. Many weeks even only a kilo, but I still felt excited every time I felt heavy because I knew I was making progress.

From the beginning I thought about how I would reward myself when I came to weigh certain kilos. Every time I made it, I was going to buy a new suit or shoes.

12. You should know that life can interfere with your way to lose weight, so take it easy if there are setbacks

Kelly Geistler has lost more than 55 kilos in a year

During law school I already struggled with my weight. I was successful until a viral infection forced me to take steroids due to pain and swelling in the joints. I gained 31 kilos in just a few months during my third year of faculty. It took me 6 months to beat the viruses, but I stopped the steroids and started working on my weight again. I lost 31 kilos, plus 22 kilos more, which until now has become a loss of 55 kilos in total.

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