12 Things your dog can know before they happen Awesome!


We know that some animals have an enviable intelligence and that they are capable of developing skills that the human being can not. Dogs, for example, have a sense of smell and a sense of hearing that allows them to perceive things in the environment that we sometimes do not detect, which gives them a kind of talent to predict things that are about to happen.

Here we present the 12 most common things that our pets are able to guess, from weather changes to diseases.

1. How do you feel

Dogs are excellent observers, which lets them know if you are happy, sad, distressed. They may even intuit when you are about to get angry.

2. When are you going to leave home

Dogs spend much of their time observing everything their owners do and know when you are about to leave, even long before you grab the keys or say goodbye to them.

3. When are you going to go home

When you are about to arrive home, rest assured that your pet is waiting for you. Its powerful nose allows you to perceive your smell even kilometers away, that is why before your arrival your dog is attentive in the window or the door.

4. Pregnancies

The best pregnancy test is your dog. Due to its great sense of smell it is able to detect any change of hormones in the body of its owner.

5. When you are in labor

Dogs become so familiar with their owners that they notice any strange behavior in them, from their posture to changes in their emotions. Some dogs, days before the birth, do not leave their owners because they feel the instinct to protect them. When the time comes, their smell indicates that the baby is about to be born.

6. Some diseases

Again, their extraordinary sense of smell allows them to detect certain odors that humans give off when they have an illness and that we are not able to perceive. For example, there are dogs trained to sniff when the sugar levels in their owners suffering from diabetes are low, reminding them that it is time to take their medicines.

7. Fear

Many times we have heard that dogs smell the fear, but we do not understand why: what happens is that the human being feels fear increases their adrenaline levels and secretes pheromones that our pets are able to smell.

8. Climate changes

Our pets have the ability to recognize when some important climate change is approaching, even their high sense of hearing and smell allows them to detect thunder before us. Some dogs get nervous because their instinct alerts them to seek refuge.

9. An epileptic seizure

Dogs are extremely intelligent and sensitive. Some breeds are trained to observe the signs prior to an epileptic seizure, and ask for help when required.

10. Cancer

Dogs are able to recognize the smell of certain diseases. There are stories about people who say that their pet repeatedly sniffed some part of their body and thanks to this they were able to detect cancer.

11. Death

When a person is going to die, chemical changes occur in their body that a dog is able to perceive thanks to their sense of smell. It is not strange that days before I showed unusual behavior.

12. Earthquakes

It is not known with precision if it is thanks to his incredible sense of hearing or it is through his legs that dogs can feel the seismic waves, but it is a fact that they are able to know if an earthquake is approaching. People who are in danger zones, when observing some strange behavior, decide to take precautions.

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