12 Things you should thank your first friend from the University


One of the most significant times for anyone is when they start college. It is the moment when after having made the difficult decision to choose a career, now you focus all your energy on achieving your goals, in addition to that you begin to be more aware of your actions and you become an adult.

On the other hand, during this period you meet completely different people than you already knew, and with them come new experiences that make when days and years pass, thank and remember with great affection those who were part of that stage, and in a very special way to your first friend in college and these are the reasons.

1. They faced the first months together

It is not easy to adapt to such a radical change of environment, but you had the ideal companion to meet all kinds of characters together.

2. He saved you at lunch

Do you remember the feeling of not belonging when you did not know anyone and it was lunchtime? Thanks to her there were no more lonely days.

3. They traveled together for the first time

For the first time they ventured on their own to know a place together and it was one of the best experiences of their life.

4. When he made you a space

When there were days when your roommate was not the best company, she saved you from her neurosis and made you a space in her room.

5. He listened to you in the worst moments

Like when the nostalgia of the home arrived, or was so much the pressure that you could burst at any moment and she was by your side comforting you and gave you her unconditional support at every moment.

6. They shared strong statements

He was the first person with whom you could open yourself totally and who listened without making judgments your sharp opinions about acquaintances and strangers.

7. It was with you to those first uncomfortable times

Those extracurricular activities in which you really did not want to socialize or the party in which you did not know anyone, was firm by your side to save you from uncomfortable situations.

8. He accompanied you in the sleepless

When you had to deliver all kinds of work and essays, she shared your sleep and the binge that used to accompany them.

9. And it saved you from yourself

When they went out to have fun, it was the one who took your cell phone so you would not be tempted to send messages or call to adjust old accounts.

10. They were the team

She was the first to integrate you for the odious team work, and saved you from the discomfort of not having been chosen.

11. He took you out of the confinement

When your mood was on the ground, more than once you literally dragged you across the room to go out and spend the funniest days of your life.

12. It will always be one of the best memories of your life

Your first friend in college will always have a privileged place in your heart for all the experiences they shared and because she was by your side in one of the most emotional stages of their lives.

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