12 things that require value and we should all do before turning 30


The time passes so fast that before you know you will be turning 30, you will look back and see the things you would like to have achieved or maybe, at least tried.

Because our future is uncertain and our past is something that we can not return, we must take risks that are worthwhile so that when we leave our youth, we do not live in repentance. Do yourself a favor and stop being afraid. Be the adventurer you thought you were at your twenties. Fulfill those dreams that require courage so that later you have less to regret.

1. Travel alone

You know that you have not really lived until you abandon your comfort and travel to another place where you do not know anyone or anything. Traveling can be comforting and can help you find the experience of a trip you will never forget. Only when you find yourself away from what surrounds you and that reminds you of your home or your previous life, will you be able to adapt to a new environment and you will realize that you have become a true explorer.

2. Dinner for one

You need to know what it is to be a lonely soul. Try going to a restaurant or a coffee only accompanied by a book. When you realize the sensation it produces, you will see that it is usually of satisfaction and peace. Maybe you will realize that it is not as sad and depressing as you thought.

3. Reconcile with the enemy

Your best friends, generally, are people you hated the first time you saw them. And there is something good in knowing first the defects and the bad side of people, before their qualities.

Once you have known them as your enemies, you will realize that they can also establish a friendship. So give up the idea of ​​continuing to fight with them, at least for a few minutes, and experience if all the hate you feel can turn into love.

4. Say NO without giving explanations

When we say we DO NOT have a liberating moment, especially when we learn to deny ourselves without asking for an apology or giving a list of reasons. This feeling will last your whole life and others will learn to respect your decisions.

5. Disappear without your phone

Forgetting your phone is something that definitely does not feel good, because you know that by forgetting it you will have to talk to a lot of unknown people.

It is not good to be so attached to objects, and knowing that you can be away from your phone will give you an incredible sense of independence. So forget your phone from time to time: maybe you meet a handsome stranger while you ask the address of some place.

6. Go out with someone who is not your type

It is important to be open to try the experience of meeting new people: it is the same as trying new foods. Maybe you think someone is definitely not your type of man, like those who wear glasses and hair with a certain cut or a type of name, but how do you really know if you've never given them a chance? The worst thing that can happen is that you go out one night instead of watching your favorite series and arrive at 30 knowing more about people and blind dates.

7. Make something and then try to sell it

There is nothing more worthwhile in this world than creating something that will last once you are dead. Leaving something unique and original that you did, regardless of whether it is right or wrong, is something that will give joy to your sometimes trivial existence.

8. Visit relatives you never see

We all have relatives that we have rarely seen, or perhaps for some reason we stopped seeing, could be those distant cousins ​​who live in another city or the half brothers with whom you do not speak (if you have any).

This would be a good time to contact your family and open the doors to have the great family you once dreamed.

9. Ask for an appointment to someone you think is out of your reach

What is the worst that can happen when you invite him to leave? Perhaps your answer is yes or no, but it is something you will not know until you are able to swallow your pride and ask it. Accepting the result is something you must experience.

10. Give your lunch money to someone else

Giving away the money and donating it are totally different things, but you will gain a dose of gratitude that will last longer than your lunch lasts. Maybe you will not do it again, but you will know the experience of sacrificing yourself for the good of another person.

11. Move to another city

We all need to be the new ones somewhere, even if it is for a short period of time. Get out of your city and meet new people. Live far from home and learn to know streets, shortcuts, special places in a city that will be yours for a while.

12. Fall in love

Yes, fall in love with all the things you can. Obsess with dead poets and trees that become extinct. Love the buildings that are full of history. Fall in love with people and do not expect anything in return. Fall in love with life and you will know that you will never be alone again.

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