12 Things that EVERY man should know about being pregnant


When it comes to dealing with pregnant women, men are not experts. In fact, we do not even know how to deal with a girl. Luckily for us, nobody is born with the gift of being parents, it is something that has to be discovered when you experience next to your partner forming a new life.

Living pregnancy with your partner can be a new world of sensations, since you have to deal with the sudden mood swings that are created from the beginning, until the famous attacks of midnight cravings.

That is why there are certain things that we must know to avoid being hit by this new challenge.

Here we leave you some points that you should always remember so that the pregnancy next to your partner is satisfactory.

1. Feed it constantly

Everyone knows that a pregnant woman has to consume more nutrients so that the baby is healthy and strong. Therefore, when a pregnant woman tells you she is hungry, it means that she probably will not wait to get her food, so you should keep small portions of food so that she does not despair and so you do not receive an insult.

2. In terms of food, she goes beyond the limits

You have shared a lot of things during the time you have been together, but during pregnancy, and in food matters, she will be totally territorial; Even if you have bought a bar of your favorite chocolate, she will start a war if she does not get what she wants.

3. Prepare for weight gain

When a woman is pregnant she will always have cravings, which will lead her to have a considerable weight gain and, consequently, you will also be involved, since you will have to participate in eating the cravings that will inevitably give you the result of an overweight perhaps greater than that she wins with the baby.

4. Do not say that it is getting huge

You have observed how we have talked about food, never mention it to her, it would be a complete mistake.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how your wife's womb grows every day. You will know that nature is progressive and that it is following its course, however you should not mention it too much, after a while she can respond with a stop telling me that I am fat, I know that I am; you do not need to say it, no matter how beautiful you look

5. Goodbye to the sense of humor

The good news: You are going to have a baby! the bad: You must not have a sense of humor!

Unfortunately, pregnant women have very sudden mood swings, at one point they may be the most smiling women on the planet and in the next, tears may consume them completely.

This is why you should put aside your sense of humor and avoid making funny comments that relate to the baby. You are warned.

6. The Pregnancy Brain is real

In Spanish it is not common to hear it, it is usually mentioned in English maternity pages and it refers to some women becoming more clueless during pregnancy, since they find it harder to concentrate.

It is experienced during the first trimester and can go from forgetting where they have left their lenses - even when they have them - to forget where they left the car parked. Be careful, maybe she can leave the house door open all night and run the risk of someone entering.

7. Goodbye to sex

The first trimester of pregnancy is the most difficult, since she will experience most of the changes, so it is not satisfactory for her to continue maintaining relationships. So you just have to resist and be very patient.

8. Yes, your breasts are bigger; but it is forbidden to touch them

Since we talked a bit about sex, let me tell you that because of the amount of nutrients they must have to nurse the baby, their breasts will look huge; However, this does not mean that it will be something fantastic, it will be painful for them, besides that that area will become extremely sensitive.

9. You will be replaced by pillows

You have to consider investing in a comfortable sofa, as you probably sleep there most of the pregnancy. This is not because she increases considerably in size; it will be due to the pillows, which will become their biggest companion at bedtime, as they will feel more comfortable when they find a position that allows them to accommodate their belly

10. You should not treat it like glass

Many men feel especially protective of their women, but when a baby is growing inside of them, the protective instinct increases considerably.

They feel they must keep them safe constantly, and some do not let them do any kind of activity for fear that it might affect the baby.

That is why you should give her her space and ask her to help you with small things, without making greater physical efforts; that will make her feel that she can fend for herself.

11. Pregnant women are somewhat lazy

It is very complicated. After all they are leading a life inside of them, their bodies are adapting and changing in order to bring that little baby into the world. This is why they get tired constantly and need to sleep and rest long enough.

They will appreciate it if you help with household chores and give them a little more tasks.

12. You can not complain

Have you understood all these things? Perfect, but you should not mention them in front of her.

After all, she is pregnant and any complaint you make will always have the most fabulous answer: A human being is growing inside me, who in a few months you will call him son!

With that, she can win any of the battles.

12 Things That Every Man Should Know About A Pregnant Woman (January 2021)