12 TEXASTIC friends who just do NOT deserve to be in your life


If she has nothing good to say about her other friends, and she loves the drama, it's better to stay away from her. Discover the 12 types of friends that are not healthy for you.

1. The friend who is so unreliable that you do not know how she manages to appear in her own life

She lies and makes excuses, and you think you're crazy to offend you for her weird behavior. But being the world leader of unreliable people, does not mean it's rare, it means that you have no respect for yourself, for your time or for your friendship, and you do not care about anyone other than yourself.

2. The friend who always wants to talk about herself

You tell her you're going to the beach for vacation, and suddenly, you have to listen to her talk about how she went to the beach when she blah, blah, blah, me, me, me. Her real problem is that she has a hearing impairment and only pays attention to the parts of the conversations that she can associate with herself instead of paying attention to what she has to say. True friends are able to listen to you.

3. The friend who tries to pressure you to drink excessively or use drugs

If you say no, then it is a no, and there is nothing else to discuss. But if that friend drags you to drink heavily on a Saturday night, it's time to evaluate things. If that girl is your friend, she should think about you, not just about what she wants. You deserve friends who prioritize your decisions.

4. The friend who can not stop drinking or using drugs

Sure, people experiment. Some people can not go through life without drink or drugs precisely because thanks to them they do not have to experience what is really happening around them. If you are one of those who feel good being sober and drug free, why waste time with people who clearly want to drag their misery with them?

5. The friend who sleeps with a guy who knows that you like

Not everyone likes the person they like; you know this. But your friend is a hypocrite if she goes out with the guy you like without at least talking to you about that first. What friends are not supposed to support?

6. The friend who does not support you when you make important changes in your life

Let's say you got married and then you had a wonderful honeymoon. You started with the right foot this new stage of your life. But when you talk to your friend, she does not get excited about you, it's not that she tries to change the topic of conversation or say something unpleasant, but if you can share your friend's enthusiasm, it's not too much to expect her to do the same for you .

7. The friend who expects you to do everything for her, but does not do you any favors in return

You buy drinks for her once in a while if they go out for a party, but she never pays for you. You're always available to talk when you need advice about the guy you're dating, but she's rarely available to answer your call because she says her boss ruins her life every day. In summary: she is selfish and it is obvious that it is not worth maintaining a one-sided relationship.

8. The friend who has nothing good to say about your other friends

We do not all love our friend's other friends, and that's fine, we do not have to do it, but it's not good when that friend talks bad about your friends when they're not there. You have the right to know them for yourself, and generally people who criticize others only create problems because they love drama.

9. The friend who is never happy for you, because she is jealous

You know who she is. He is constantly making ambiguous comments about everything you do and it is a little hard on what he tells you. Well, if she is more busy comparing herself to you, even if she does not notice it, it is better to keep the distance.

10. The friend who is negative about everything, all the time

She hates all the people you meet when they go together; all the times they go shopping and even the times they go to breakfast. Going out with negative people makes you feel bad and you deserve to feel amazing and happy all the time.

11. The friend who forgets about you as soon as she gets a new boyfriend

What did we say the word was? Sisters before anything else.

Whatever it is, she is obviously having more important things to do, and surely her brain has rotted and made her forget that you were there when her ex-boyfriend hurt her. You deserve friends who value the work you have put in the relationship, instead of those who can easily forget you.

12. The friend who gives you the wrong compliments

You know, the girl who tells you things like: I love that you're not obsessed with clothes. That should make your life easier! These kinds of comments frankly make you wonder if they were thinking how they could make you feel bad. And you do not need it, right?