12 Styles of cuts and dyes that you have to try for a new look


Changing your hairstyle or haircut is the best decision you can make if you want to change your appearance. So, why not risk going with your stylist and asking him to take out the scissors and the dyes? Whether you want to have long or short hair, dye it with a darker shade or look for more vibrant colors, remember that the options are always infinite and getting better.

So if you've been planning for months to change your old look for a fresher and more avant-garde one, congratulations! You've come to the right place because here we'll show you the hairstyles and haircuts that will be trend during the summer.

1. Barrettes in the style of the 2000s

If you want your hair to have a striking decoration, then you should use the pins. During the 90s they were known as brooches, but now they were given the name of barrettes, and they are so bright that they will give a different touch to your hair.

2. Blunt bob

In 2018 the bob cut dominated the styles and this year it does it again, but with a small difference: this time it has an exact measurement, it is mid-nape between the chin and the shoulders, with short layers. This new option adapts to all face types; In addition, it makes them look sharper on the chin and gives more volume to the hair.

3. Purple hair

This tone was one of the most used in 2018, according to the report of the top 100 searches on Pinterest, and apparently the lila is still a color that will reign in 2019; Lady Gaga used it in December and now the girls start to imitate her. If you want a recommendation, choose to cut your hair in manes midi and wavy to give it more movement.

4. The mane midi

All the stylists agree that this cut and length for the hair are perfect for the summer season, because it will not make you feel hot! The best thing about this proposal is that it is favorable and practical for all.

5. Bandanas

These ornaments are becoming the favorite accessory of fashion designers because they are easy to use and go well with any hairstyle, hair style and even with any outfit.

6. Casual hair with bangs

The fringe is a very good option to lengthen the face, disguise some imperfections and take years off. This year will be disheveled and indeed curtain so you can open it or place it on its side, it all depends on how you like it most.

7. High pigtails

Goodbye to disheveled hair and welcome are the hairstyles collected. The high and tight pigtails, which are loaded with volume, will come to dominate any look party and, of course, you can also take them in your day to day but more relaxed, you know, without being so tight.

8. Melenas XXL

Do you remember the cut bob of Dua Lipa that was extremely smooth? Well this year its long version will set a trend. It's time to say yes to the extensions.

9. Curls Disk of the 70

Afro curly hair from the 70s will be something to talk about this year. Since Naomi Campbell attended the Louis Vuitton show in Paris with a short, curly mane with a slight afro, it marked a trend that few will refuse to use. Get your look It is very simple: you only have to dry your hair with a towel and with an air diffuser; at the end, with a barbed comb separates the curls.

10. A golden touch

This year, whether you're blonde or brunette, the tendency is to light up your face with a golden touch. Bet on a mix between balayage and the wicks babylight that will result in a natural blond. With the passage of the days they will be clarified and the gold will remain at the tips, leaving the dark tone at the root.

11. Straight hair with stripe in the middle

The stripes do not have to be perfect or have to go exactly to the center of the hair; try to make them with your nails and the result you get is the right one. Complement the style with waves that bring movement to your hair and give you a look casual and sexy.

12. Disheveled top bun

Like the high ponytails, this year the chongos or bows will help you to accompany sophisticated outfits; the best thing is that they are very simple to make and complement the outfits perfectly. Remember that you can add a bandana or a brooch to give more enhancement.