12 Special qualities of the man you should NOT let go


Some men are better than others. Yes: we are all equal human beings, however we can not help but establish that certain men are better than others. For example, some are better qualified to maintain a romantic relationship than others. There are men who simply are not prepared to meet the requirements that a relationship requires, and this does not mean that they will never be, only that they are not at the right time to be the partner you need.

People change over time, learning and adapting different characteristics over the years and after each mistake, so there are many qualities that make a man great, and also that a woman is great. Here we present the 12 characteristics that will indicate that he is worth it.

1. When he sees you, he really looks at you

If a man looks directly into your eyes, creating an invisible attraction that connects you, then he is not simply looking at you, he is seeing your soul.

He is trying to know the person who remains hidden behind your eyes, the one you keep only for yourself. He is trying to find the essence that makes you be you. He tries to see your soul, but more than that: he wants his soul to know yours.

There is a special look shared by two people who are in love. If your man looks at you that way, feel like a lucky woman.

2. It is friendly, but not easy to manipulate

There are very aggressive men, who try to pass over others; There are also men of weak will, who avoid any kind of commitment and confrontation. None of these is good, so it's better to stay away from them.

The ideal man is one who manages to combine the strengths of power and sympathy. These men have a big heart, but also a great character. They are not the ones who start fights, but they know how to finish them.

That's the kind of man you want to have by your side, because he has the wisdom to be had to choose the best of strength and compassion.

3. It is impulsive, but patient

To live a good life you must succeed, because this is the basis on which everything is judged. You do not have to be a millionaire or a world champion, but you need to have several achievements throughout life that make you feel proud.

Both success and life are a long and irregular road. Without patience, you'll probably reach the end faster, but surely the result will not be what you expected.

4. He is ambitious, but keeps his feet on the ground

What woman does not want a dreamer man who is both realistic and humble? This is probably the perfect combination that any man should have: one who wants the stars, but who understands that maybe only the moon can get.

Despite this, he does not let that disrupt his ambitions, nor does he allow success to increase his ego. This type of man will always do his best to make your life better, but he will not promise you things he knows he can not fulfill.

5. Knows how to cook

Let's be honest, a man who knows how to move in the kitchen is very sexy. Take any type of man and add skills in the kitchen will surely become irresistible.

Beyond sexual attraction, a man who knows how to cook also prepares his own food, tends to eat better, and is aware of a healthier way of eating. A healthy couple is much better for obvious reasons.

6. Is physically active

If you practice any physical activity, it is most likely that you are physically attractive (and also sexually active). It may not be very important now, but if you are looking for a man for a long time you will love a man who regularly practices exercise.

You must bear in mind that a man reaches his maximum sexual level when he is still young. If you are not physically active, chances are your sexual life is not active either.

7. It is bright, but not arrogant; Well, yes, it's arrogant but not much

If you found an intelligent, wise and strong man, you may want it in your life forever; As long as he is not very arrogant, of course.

A man who is a little cocky becomes attractive, as well as a confident woman.

The human being is programmed to appreciate the force in any of its forms. But if a man is very presumptuous, you must be careful; this class of boys is not clear on the line that divides being presumed of the complete idiots.

8. Has a great ability to make you laugh and smile

If you have a man by your side who does not make you laugh or smile, then you must put an end to that relationship. To be honest, you should never have been in that relationship.

The more it makes you laugh and illuminate your face, the more you deserve it.

9. He tells you he loves you even if he does not have to

The words are excellent, we all use them; however, they will never be compared to actions.The words, ideas, concepts and intentions are good and useful at an appropriate time; but actions are and always will be one of the most powerful forces on this planet.

For a man to tell you that he loves you is the best and you will always enjoy hearing it; But if your actions are not coherent with your words, and you hear them tell you that they love you without feeling it, then they do not love you in the way you deserve. You can not afford to settle for just that.

10. Is willing to lose a fight to keep the peace

All couples argue. Any couple that has existed and will exist has had at least one discussion.

People argue because they believe they are right, or simply want to be right to feel better about themselves, and therefore they will argue to achieve that feeling. Unfortunately, when it comes to arguing something, if one person is right, the other must be wrong.

You deserve a man who does not want to make you feel bad, at least when his discussion is only about opinions.

11. It will always offer you a hand when you need any help

It is important to emphasize, again, the importance of the actions. Men are pretty simple when it comes to loving someone: what you see is basically what they feel. When they are there for you, when they care about you and do their best to see you happy, you know they care.

Your boy thinks all day about you because he loves you. He will do anything for you and will not think twice when you need his help.

12. Without you you lose, you are part of your life

When a man loves a woman, he wants a piece of it that he can call his own. It is not about your body but about your mind, your way of thinking and doing things; what she likes and what she does not, what she considers important and what she thinks is insignificant.

When a man loves a woman, he takes those small parts as his own and they change his way of thinking and seeing the world.

What is important to her also becomes important to him. The two renounce a small part of themselves and adopt the habits of the other.

The man in your life is the one who loves you so much that he does not mind giving up a part of himself to make room for that part of you.

If A man Has These 12 Qualities, Never Let Him Go (January 2021)