12 Signs that you go out with a man, not a child


Think: do you really have to settle for an immature man? If you want to be with a real man, you must put aside the children you go out with. Adult men are better people, they are also fun, reliable and, it is said: they are better in bed.

In reality there is no reason not to go out with children, but to be honest, once you know how to distinguish them, you will prefer someone who offers you a more reliable and lasting relationship.

If you need help to know what kind of man you are dating, here is this list.

1. Your apartment is neat and clean

It is not a student house or something like a garbage dump or zoo; It is really a department and does not necessarily have to be extravagant, with expensive furniture, or very beautiful; but, above all, a neat and clean place.

If a man is lazy to clean his bedroom, he may also be lazy about important things.

2. He does things because he likes to do it

This does not mean that if you work at McDonalds, do not be a reliable man, unless you have too much time there and plan to stay even longer. It has more to do with a life plan: adult men make plans they want to carry out. There are objectives and steps to achieve them.

3. Does not need a babysitter

If you're dating a guy who always needs to take care of him (for example: you end up drunk and you have to hold him up so he does not fall or do something stupid) then I think you know where this is going.

A mature man, no matter what situation he is in, is able to take care of himself and even someone else.

4. Act responsibly and calmly

Adult men will not always agree with what women say; they think independently, but are willing to share opinions, in addition to doing so with respect and always open to discerning the solutions to the problem.

5. Have your priorities in order

A child gets lost in the way of life and does not know what he wants. Someone mature knows how to keep his address, knows what he wants and gives priority to the most important things.

6. Healthy mind in healthy body

His body is his temple and his mind is his high priest. He lives according to his own beliefs and knows that in order to feel good he has to live healthily.

7. Think positive

In your dictionary there is no phrase I can not .. Children, on the other hand, can tell you that something is impossible and that you will not achieve it. Their insecurity leads them to pessimism.

8. Know that complaining does not produce results

Actually, adult men do not look for results; they produce them.

9. Make decisions to take control of your life

Before a what do you want to do? , your answer will not be I do not know; On the contrary, it will offer you different options. Your answer will not remain in the air.

10. When she is with you, she is not interested in anything other than you

For the child you can have the same importance as the television, or the music that is in the environment; the important thing for him may be to caress you and have sex with you, not yourself.

A man never takes you as a game.

11. Can recognize when he is wrong

He does not try to manipulate the problem to get out of it. Recognizes that making mistakes is normal in any human being; without coming to shame he understands that he does not learn who is not wrong.

12. Know the value of things

He shows that he loves you, that you are part of his life. He is not shy, so he does not feel sorry for showing his love to people. Value the words, but more the facts.

Via: Elite Daily

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