12 Reasons why your sister is and will be the most special person in your life


They say that all people have a soul mate and spend half of our life looking for it. I found it from the moment I was born. She was there to take care of me, to teach me that life is not easy and that she took care that it was not easy. He lent me his shoulder to cry the first time they broke my heart and helped me get ready for my first date. I did not call her a soul mate, she called her sister.

A sister is that person that life put you as a companion on this journey called life. We did not choose it, so we can not change it. Still, it's like a gift from our parents. These are the reasons why your sister is the most special person of all.

1. She is the person with whom you will spend more time in your life

Not even your best friend or the man you marry or your parents will be with you as long as your sister.

2. You can do anything that goes through your head: it will not judge you

Or maybe yes, but he will laugh with you.

3. She is the person who knows you best

Know absolutely everything about you. Thanks to that, she is the one who gives you the best advice.

4. No matter how much they fight, she will always be there for you

In the same way, you will always be there for her.

5. They defend each other no matter what happens

Poor person who comes to mess with you: your sister is like a bodyguard who is always there to take care of you. Obviously, it is something that corresponds to you.

6. Between you there are no secrets

Everything can be counted. It does not matter if it is something disgusting, shameful or sad: they prefer to vent between you than with any other person.

7. It's the person with the most memories you share

Since you have memory, your sister has always been part of your memories. And it will continue to be for much longer.

8. When you become an aunt, you love your children as if they were their own

And vice versa.

9. They have an inexplicable mental connection

Sometimes, it is not necessary to use the words, you know what the other is thinking.

10. He is the most honest person you will meet

Your feet stink? Do you look bad with that blouse? Do not worry, your sister will tell you. He is the most brutally honest person with you, and even then, he will never hurt you.

11. She is your crime partner

Do you remember that day when the two assaulted the refrigerator at 2:00 in the morning and ended up with the 20 pancakes your parents kept?

12. It's your everything

It's your friend, your accomplice and your life partner.

Sweet Sophia (Never Underestimate Her) (September 2020)