12 Reasons why your brother is the most important man in your life


Although parents receive all the credit for our upbringing and education, it is often the brothers who are at our side when it comes to expressing what concerns us, what we want to keep secret or just share in confidence.

Somewhere along the way that being that sometimes bothered you and that you never took very seriously, grew up and became something more than just your brother: he became a friend. He is the most important man in your life for many reasons.

1. Always know when someone is not good enough for you

Every time you go through a love break, your brother will be the first to help you put everything in perspective. When the storm passes, dry your tears and you can see clearly, you will realize that you were absolutely right.

2. He loves you, even knowing your faults

You may be your dad's girl, but I assure you that your father does not know half of the things you really do, while your brother is the one who opens the window for you to escape.

He has seen the worst of you and, despite that, he loves you.

3. It will always defend you

Who needs a bodyguard when you have a brother? He is ready to help you at any time. It has been your knight in shining armor, even, long before your prince appeared.

4. It makes you look good in front of your parents

If they fit into the mold of big sister and little brother, it is likely that he will make you look good every time, for example, he rejects another class. Thanks to him your parents forgive you a little more your faults.

5. You are the only person who speaks your language

Have you ever tried to be discreet with a friend and, he or she simply does not understand? With your brother you will never have that problem. You two know well what the other is thinking; what he really wants to say.

6. Makes you laugh

In addition to speaking the same language, they have the same sense of humor. With it you can feel free to laugh and share things that only he will find fun, and he will not judge you for it like others.

7. He keeps your secrets

Your brother knows that you have had shameful moments, and although he mocks them mercilessly, he will never expose you. You are safe with him, even in your worst moments.

8. Rate your tips

Your brother admires you. Despite the unpleasant experiences, he believes that you are the best, and in many ways he wants to look like you. He will ask for advice and even professional advice once he is ready, since he values ​​your opinion more than any other.

9. They can talk at any time

Unlike a friendship, you do not have to work to keep the relationship with your brother alive. He will be there for you, even if they spoke two days ago or two months ago. Even if they live far away, you and your brother can resume a conversation at any time, and just where they left it the last time.

10. He is your biggest follower

Sure, your mom is proud of you, but your brother admires you. Because you are successful at your young age, or a dedicated mother. He is the one who shouts loudest in your rankings and boasts to your friends.

11. Keeps you with your feet on the ground

He will not let you lose your mind. The moment you feel too sure of yourself, it will bring you back to reality. (Do not worry, you can do the same with him too).

12. He does things for you

Your brother will not mind driving 30 minutes out of his way just to pick you up. In fact, with a little insistence, I would go to the end of the world for you, because you are his sister and he loves you. (Well, he's going to want you to remember this when you have to help him out of some mess).

Sound like your brother? If so, run to send a text message and say: Thank you.

Maybe the brothers can start receiving the credit they deserve.

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