12 Perfect accessories to let out the witch inside you


The girls witches we know it: October is our month and we are anxious to get the most out of it. If you also feel a special connection with the night, the cats and the magic of the moon, maybe you are one of ours and all you need is a couple of accessories to complete your look of sorceress

Jewelry, bags, ornaments and makeup inspired by Sabrina, Hermione and the girls of Charmed you can find them in our next list of 12 gifts that every girl almost witch should collect.

1. Necklace chocker of moons

Get yours by clicking here.

2. Shower curtain with ouija

Buy an equal for your bathroom by following the link here.

3. Black lipstick for a mysterious smile

Buy yours here.

4. Earrings with eyes and mouth

Get this pair of mystical earrings here.

5. A purse with blue and purple sequins

You can find yours by clicking here.

6. Candle for magical creativity

Find yours here.

7. Double pearl necklace

Get an equal one by clicking here.

8. A turmoil in the style of Hermione

Buy one for you by following the link here.

9. Moon brooch for your hair

Get yours here.

10. Leather bag with moons

Find one like it here.

11. Vampire mouth bag

You can find one like that for you by following the link here.

12. Mug with purple cat and stones

Buy yours by clicking here.

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