12 People show us that true love is in the small details


To show love you do not need big gestures like a costly meal or a hundred roses, or even publish it in each social network so that no one can be in doubt. Sometimes the most significant manifestations of appreciation are those that are shared only between two.

These 12 people confessed the simple details or habits that come right to their hearts and make them fall more and more in love with their partners. Long live love!

1. There are hugs that are magic

During a hug, she dips her face into my chest. It is strange but wonderful. Reddit user.

2. Love something as fundamental as the way your partner talks

She speaks very slowly but in an intellectual way, so you can see that she really thinks about the words that come out of her mouth and does not talk to talk, like most people do. Jacob, 34 years old

3. In a technological world it is sometimes good to disconnect

My favorite moment of the day is when we both put aside cell phones and we have appointments at home, we see silly movies. Once I made a dinner of fish fingers and cream with a theme of Doctor Who. I'm lucky. Buzzfeed user.

4. When something you do not like but you know that your partner does

I remember that my wife and I were in Costco and were giving free samples of chicken wings. My wife does not like them so I was surprised when she went to them. I took my sample and she did the same and said: I know you like wings, have, and gave me yours. I married a wonderful woman! Buzzfeed user.

5. Oddities become special

I like to spy on my husband while he is reading a book. He makes very funny expressions that make me laugh a lot and love him more and more. But I have never told him because I do not want him to stop doing it. Olivia, 32 years old

6. Read each book that your partner reads to take care of their feelings

Whenever I start reading a new book, he starts reading it too but secretly, just in case he makes me laugh or cry. He still does not know that I know, but he has read every book I have read since we are together. Buzzfeed user.

7. A few words can have great impact

My wife left me a note inside my wallet this morning that said I love you. Only that. At 5 in the morning I cried like a baby wanting to wake her up to hug her. Reddit user.

8. Hobbies become a home

He tends the bed so neatly that it looks like hotel service. Corners superextendidas, everything is symmetrical. I love him! Although I do not think he does it out of kindness but out of habit, it has become a familiar comfort. Caden, 29 years old.

9. Nothing says I love you like a bag of rubber bears

We've been together for 11 years and married for 3 and right now I just found out that he carries a bag of gummy bears (my favorite comfort food) ALL THE TIME in case I feel sick or sad. Buzzfeed user.

10. Funny habits that make you happy

She always says play wood and then always plays something wooden or resembles it. It's a strange thing but it makes me laugh a lot because it's very sincere when it does. Luke, 32 years old

11. Love can be a warm towel

I hate mornings and my boyfriend is the definition of an early riser. When I get to bathe he tries to make me feel better by throwing my towel in the dryer just before I get out of the shower. Has the time perfectly counted so that when leaving I have a super-warm towel. It's something very simple but for me it means the whole world. Buzzfeed user.

12. Spying him when he cooks makes me happy

He listens podcasts when he cooks and always laughs hysterically, what makes me laugh at me from the other room even if what he hears is not even funny. Anna, 27 years old

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