12 Kusudama-style paper bouquets that are the new wedding trend


One of the concerns of brides when planning their wedding is the bouquet, because they have to define whether it will be natural or artificial flowers, or what embellishments it will include. And then there are other questions like which flowers will they use, what combination of colors will be appropriate, what size will it be, will there be one or more bouquets, and so on.

And precisely when all these questions arise, Evelina Aleli? NienÄ ?, a girl from Lithuania, decided that the wedding bouquet would be original, it would be made of paper because she wanted it to be preserved for the rest of her life and even be able to turn it into a family tradition and inherit it to a future daughter. But the most important thing is that the bouquet would do it to give it a special touch. For this he used a technique derived from origami, call kusudama, and she achieved an incredible result and, since then, she has been making bouquets for brides and for other ceremonies and events. Your designs are, incredible!

1. The branch that started everything

2. Combinations with blue are your favorites

3. They are a good option for bachelorette parties

4. As bouquets for ladies

5. For small companions

6. Or as pins for gentlemen

7. The combinations are varied

8. Also sizes

9. The flowers are made with several leaves

10. Sometimes you use crystals, stones or buttons like joints

11. You can request a custom design

12. Or any of your online catalog

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