12 Jewels of which you should be obsessed according to the month in which you were born


If you are a girl lover of jewelry, 2018 has some surprises for you. Let's start with the fact that the fashionable tone will be the ultraviolet, just like the exotic stones of Tanzania.

Now imagine that you can take with you the perfect jewel that fits your personality. Well, an anonymous heroine has created a miniguid of what jewel suits you best according to your birth month, something similar to what the stars have for you according to your birthday, but with more brilliance and elegance.

1. January: garnet

This rugged garnet necklace combines with any garment. Choose your favorite version with gold or silver chain here.

2. February: Amethyst

This necklace is perfect for measuring your energy level.

3. March: aquamarine

A delicate shaped ring with a beautiful stone just like your personality.

4. April: black diamond

A black rough diamond bracelet will always be elegant.

5. May: emerald

A delicate trio of emeralds to decorate your wrist.

6. June: pearl

This necklace will become your best accessory.

7. July: ruby

Maybe this year you are lucky enough to carry a nice engagement ring.

8. August: peridot

These earrings will give a sweet touch to your style.

9. September: sapphire

Wear a radiant necklace.

10. October: opal

Their colors are lovely.

11. November: topaz

This multicolored topaz ring will make you look amazing.

12. December: blue topaz

This ring is suitable only for princesses.

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