12 hobbies you should try the next 12 months


Hobbies or hobbies they are activities that break the routine of everyday life, and help to perfect all kinds of talents and abilities that, within school or at work, are often difficult to apply. They also serve as an escape valve that helps to release creativity. However, despite all the benefits of having hobbies, it is common to put some kind of excuse to avoid carrying them out.

Money is sometimes one of these barriers that limit the moment to practice creative habits. That's why here you have 12 ideas to devote the following 12 months to doing different activities to explore your most creative side.

1. Free your creativity by painting in watercolor

Learn simple watercolor techniques here

2. Make your best canvas from a sewing frame

Learn to embroider on small racks by clicking here.

3. Master also cross stitching

It's simpler than it seems, the technique dominates only here.

4. Paper flowers will become your obsession

You will want to use them for everything! You can decorate your room, use them as a gift wrap and even a complete wall; Learn to create paper flowers by clicking here.

5. Learn to take pictures with analog camera

Exercise that artistic eye with a real film camera and document the best of 2017; Here are a couple of tips for beginners.

6. Make your own vertical gardens of succulents

They can be succulents, cactus or any plant, the one you like the most. Learn all about this art by clicking here.

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