12 Girls who failed to cut their own fringe


Close cycles is not about going to the aesthetic to make a nice cut and already, but to experience the adrenaline of cutting it for yourself to feel that you have come out of the hole on your own merits. Of course!

But cutting your hair can be more difficult than it seems and these 12 girls are proof that inexperience and a bad pair of scissors are a dangerous combination.

1. How difficult can it be to cut the fringe alone?

2. You just have to section the hair

3. Grab a comb

4. Sharp scissors

5. And ready!

6. If you were left crooked, you must match

7. And pray for not cutting it too much

8. This is your face when you know you ruined it

9. And you want to return the time to tell yourself: stop there, crazy!

10. When you realize that the YouTube tutorial lied to you

11. It's too late

12. And even the best stylist can not get you out of trouble

But badly cut hair means boyfriend overcome!

I Cut My Bangs! | EPIC FAIL!!! (April 2021)