12 Evidence that we are TRAPPED in the 90s and not in 2015


Check shirts, coveralls, and especially coatsrop tops They are taking force, which proves that many of the clothes we used in the 90's are back. If you still doubt, here are 12 current versions of the noventera fashion.

1. Bright stones filled Coachella 2015

2. The crop tops (short shirts) invade us

3. Everywhere we see girls with plaid shirts tied at the waist

4. Skirts and knee socks, like Cher in the movie Clueless

5. Overalls, oh, yes! They are back

6. The platforms of Baby Spice vs. Girl Tumblr / Blogger of 2015

7. Brandon's cut of the series Beverly Hills 90210 It is one of the styles for men

8. Calvin Klein resumed his advertising of the 90

9. Jeans worn and broken, super ninety!

10. The yin and yang in any presentation

11. The chokers tattoo choker you are more alive than ever

12. Little flowers and pastel-colored hair do not leave us alone

Disappeared Plane landed after 37 years (January 2021)