12 Evidence that Chris Evans is really America's butt


If you have not seen yet Avengers: Endgame, you should know that, from here, you will find SPOILERS. The film is a roller coaster of emotions that take us from sadness to joy with its jokes, and precisely one of these continues to echo in our mind.

Iron Man, Ant-Man, Captain America and Hulk travel to 2012 looking for the gems of space, minds and time. While the Avengers of the past capture Loki, Tony says that the soldier's uniform (Steve) did not do his backside any good, but Scott says there's nothing wrong with that part of his body and that's the United States butt .

In addition, and during the fight between Captain America and his past self, Steve looks at himself lying on the ground and says that he really has America's butt, something that none of us can deny seeing the evidence.

1. Chris Evans has America's butt!

2. And nobody can deny it

3. Remember this scene? It is unforgettable

4. It looks very, very good on the ground

5. Run, Cap, run!

6. Confirmed! Cap has the most attractive profile of the MCU

7. Of course we noticed it from his first movie

8. They put it on the poster for something

9. Well, in more than one poster

10. Imagine walking by his side through this forest

11. See him train day and night

12. We can only say that the suit does fit

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