12 Evidence that blond toasted coconut is the best summer trend


There are blond to blonde, but the new tone toasted coconut It's the summer trend, and it's perfect with any type of skin!

This new tone is a mixture of blond, brown and platinum in gradient that cause an almost natural effect. Best of all, being dyed in light wicks and keeping the root dark, does not require instant touch-ups. Of course, you will have to hydrate your hair very well to avoid damage due to peroxide or other substances.

1. Forget about balayage!

2. Do not fall for the classic ash blonde!

3. And dare to take the new trend of summer

4. Rubio toasted coconut!

5. The perfect mix between warm and cold tones

6. That turn your hair into the sensation

7. Does not require early maintenance

8. Bring light to your face

9. Gives you a more youthful appearance

10. In addition to a touch chic and elegant

11. If you are thinking about a change of look

12. This blond is your best choice

My "Everyday" FULL FACE Makeup Routine | Oily Skin & Acne Dark Spot Coverage | TheBrilliantBeauty (April 2021)