11 year old girl exceeds the intellectual coefficient of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking


In recent days he became the twelfth person whose IQ exceeds that of two great geniuses: the physicists Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, according to the Science ABC portal classification.

Considered as a intelligence measure which is obtained after various standardized tests, the average intellectual coefficient (IQ), in 95 percent of people, is between 70 and 130 points, and according to this scale, people with more than 145 points are considered geniuses.

The little Iranian, after taking her exam in Oxford, obtained a score of 162 IQ, which gave her an automatic pass to Mensa, an international association founded in England that brings together gifted people from all over the world.

Tara's parents detected that their daughter could be a genius when they saw her answer the questions of mathematics in the television contests before the participants, according to Hossein Sharifi.

Nowadays, she is in secondary school in Aylesbury in the United Kingdom, and says she wants to be a mathematician.

Hi, I'm 11, and I'm smarter than Einstein (April 2021)