11 Things you have never thanked your best friend, but would like to do

Your best friend is one of the most important people in your life, and you often forget to say thank you. Through the good, the bad and the ugly, she is the only person who gets to understand you. And somehow, the appreciation you feel for her is lost among the situations of pain and laughter that they share together.

You thank her for the little things she does for you, like the dinner you prepared or the movie you borrowed, but rarely or never, you thank her for the things that are really important.

1. For all the times he let you go back, even though many times you walked away

Whether due to a relationship, to find yourself or for personal reasons, your best friend always allows you to make your own life because you know that even if you move away, at any time you will return.

You are destined to experience new things and ruin them a couple of times; You are free to embark on your own journey. But, in the end, you will realize who and what is important in your life. No matter how many times you walk away, when you return your best friend will always be there to welcome you.

2. For relating to someone who was not worth it and she did not stop you

Do you remember that boy you fell in love with, whose words were the best in the world and in the end you realized that it was pure blah blah blah?

Although it would have been nice to have your attention through a giant megaphone or a bucket of ice water thrown to bring you back to reality, your best friend let you walk through the clouds for a while.

We learn more through experiences, so she let you lose your mind until you realized what really suited you.

Thanks to her now you know what kind of people you should avoid, and today they have innumerable jokes about your failed relationship.

3. For being patient when you do not stop talking about your life and forget to ask how she is

Sometimes you focus so much on telling a story or a specific topic that you do not allow yourself to be interrupted for even 30 seconds. And when you finally have the chance to say something, you inadvertently cut the idea and take a new topic.

This does not mean that you think that your life is not important, you simply forget that life is not only about you and your problems.

4. Because he accompanied you to a double appointment

Do you remember how much you liked that boy ?, and since you did not know him well, you asked her if she wanted to go out with you, with him and her friend.

She said no. You begged him and promised to stay with her all night but he did not change his mind. However, since she is your best friend and would do anything for you, in the end she accepted.

The night was super uncomfortable for her. Not to mention that you did not stay with her all the time, as you said you would.

5. For borrowing your favorite shirt, skirt, accessory or movie that you never gave back

Regardless of whether you lost it, or you liked it so much that you forgot to return it, you knew that she wanted it back, but you clung to her things.

Months, or even years later, you found it (or if you lost it, you decided to replace it) and, finally, you remembered to put it in your bag. At least you gave it back to him, right?

But if you still keep that shirt, missing, accessory, movie or anything that you borrowed, maybe it's time to return it.

6. For being by your side in the rarest stages

When you look back at old photos (those you took with your digital camera or your BlackBerry), it's hard to imagine how someone has been your friend since those days.

The brackets? The badly cut hair? The acne you had all over your face when your adolescence began? She was with you despite all those rare stages.

7. Because instead of judging you for all the amount of food you consume, she joins you

Your best friend would not really be your best friend if you would not like to have a hobby, when you are together: eat. If there is something that both always do, it is eat.

Every time they meet, there is some kind of food or drink involved.

You speak and eat. They watch television and eat. They go shopping and eat. They go on a trip and eat. Your best friend will never judge you by those two pieces of pizza, the yogurt and the cookies you ate at dinner time; On the contrary, she sits by your side and eats the same.

That is the true friendship!

8. Because it covered you when your parents asked about the family party that they both went to the other night

Of course there was no such family party and you were less with her. And not only that, but you forgot to inform him about that family party to which the two had attended.

Luckily the two speak the same language, and all you need is a single complicit look so she can stay calm and follow the game.

9. For letting you treat your home as if it were yours

We are talking about taking over your bed when you sleep in your home, forgetting to unplug and return the hair straightener to its place after you have used it, and try your entire closet leaving a giant pile of clothes on your bed.

In this category we can also include the rights that you granted to assault the fridge and throw yourself on your couch to wait for her to get home. Because you also relax at home even if she is not there.

10. Because I never told you out loud I told you

She gives you that knowing look that both know in situations where she was right; however, she will never tell you those three words out loud (best friends do not have to make a scene when the other one is wrong).

The two share a special bond and have a way to communicate without words; there is no need to prove when one is wrong. There is a set of phrases that every dynamic duo uses frequently, and I told you it is not one of them.

11. For telling you things as they are

Your best friend is the only person who will be brutally honest with you at all times.

He laughs at the ugly clothes you wear, his eyes turn every time you mention the boy you love, and he calls your attention to your bad decisions before you go ahead with them, because you both know you'll regret it. a future.

It lets you cry, hugs you and comforts you when you need it, but when it's time to get up from that failure, she no longer offers you her shoulder, but gives you her hand to help you get ahead.

Without your advice, your friendship and your support, you would be lost in this world.

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