11 Signs that look ridiculous but indicate that you ARE MISSINGLY IN LOVE


Being in love, for many of us, is something terrifying. We deny the existence of love even though all the signs are there. And it is that love can appear in mysterious and sometimes ridiculous ways.

1. He despairs too much, but still you can not be far from him

Your boy may not even realize that every time he does or says something stupid you want to shake his head and hit him. The frustrating thing is that you do not want to be separated from him and beyond the uncomfortable moments you still feel a huge amount of love.

2. Meaningless conversations become important

You could be talking for hours about silly dog ​​names and you'll still feel like it's a fascinating conversation. If your boy says a word that does not even exist, it suddenly becomes your favorite word, just because he mentioned it.

Actually, what you say does not matter, because you pay all your attention.

3. Your life becomes a little more complicated

It is not always easy to be together. Sometimes, when you feel that the universe conspires so that both are so busy that they can not see each other, you will move heaven, sea and land just to see it for at least a few minutes.

4. You are willing to do everything for him

Although going to the supermarket or washing your clothes are activities that make you lazy to perform, for a strange reason when he asks you to help him you can not deny. Suddenly, what matters is that they have a pretext to perform the greatest number of activities together.

5. Tolerates things that in another person are disgusting

We agree that we are all shy when we talk about our privacy and it is something that we are definitely not telling the world, right? However, when we are with our partner we lose a bit of shame and avoid hysterical reactions to an odorous gas that could not be controlled or share the bathroom with him while you are showering: love makes you stand things because what they have is perfect for you two.

6. Listening to him or receiving a message from him makes your day worthwhile

If your boy calls you even if he can not talk too long, but still thinks of you; or the simple fact that he sends you a message to say hello, automatically converts those seconds into the best of the day.

7. He makes you scream too much

It is difficult to keep the volume low when you are together; even their laughter gets stronger, but it's something you enjoy. On the other hand, when it comes to a discussion, they find that raising their voice reflects the strength of their feelings and demonstrates both their anger and all the joy they feel next to each other.

8. Wasting time does not feel like a loss

When they do not feel like going out, not even for dinner, and instead want to be in bed all day doing pleasurable things or having sex, just because no one wants to do anything else, they will answer without problems that all day they did nothing , although both will feel that the day is more productive than their life.

9. You have an endless number of questions for him

They can reflect on life or any nonsense about which nobody knows the answer, but it works because now they have endless conversations.

10. He drives away all your fears

When you look at him you know he could never hurt you: on the contrary, being away from him is something that makes you feel scared and vulnerable. Although love scares you, he has captured your heart and turns your weaknesses into a strength.

11. Everything makes you think of him

All the activities you do during the day make you think of it in some way. You feel the need to share every experience and even a song that you hear makes you think that you would like it or that it describes it perfectly.

That is when you know that he has become the center of your universe, because from now on he is your favorite person.

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